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Chronicles of a Young Wife: The Secret to Taking The Plunge? Confidence!

Living the life you’ve always dreamed of begins with confidence. If you feel that it’s the one thing you’re missing, here are a few steps that will help you gain self-assurance. 241 more words


Building Self Confidence for a Worthy Life

Self confidence is a state of mind – it’s all about showcasing strengths while being aware of one’s weaknesses. While a confident person aptly camouflages all his/her weaknesses into strengths; one lacking the basic skills is often left uncomfortable and ashamed. 313 more words

Mahendra Trivedi

Solving Sleepless Night Problems

Amidst the various types of mental and physical health problems, the one problem that many seem to face is of sleepless nights. In the current day where life is busy and people have very less time for fitness and exercise, the best way to relax and energise for the next day is to have a good, sound sleep. 320 more words

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How to Improve Your Self Confidence?

The life of today is filled with attractions which act as the motivating factor which help you to achieve success. There are some people who want everything from life, there are others who work hard but are satisfied with what they get; however there are the third categories of people, who do not feel that they can achieve anything in their life. 311 more words

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Alice Branton Can Help Eliminate Low Self Confidence

Low self confidence is the cause of many problems in life. A person with poor self confidence usually has difficulty asserting his or her views in front of other people. 325 more words

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Bringing Sexy Back

I’m going to share a few thoughts on maintenance, but, first, I want  to thank everyone who voted on Monday’s polls.  The results show that I shouldn’t change my blog’s name, but that switching up my subjects from solely weight loss related posts would be perfectly acceptable.   773 more words