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The Leaning Tower Of Surfleet, Lincolnshire

On our short drive out on Sunday in-between the storms, we were passing through the village of Surfleet, in Lincolnshire, when to my astonishment,  I saw a leaning tower poking out between the trees.   237 more words


Wallpaper Buildings

1048 N. Marshfield Ave. at Cortez

Robert Venturi famously grouped the ornamentation of buildings into two types: “The Duck”, a building with an iconic and usually literal exterior shape (named for a souvenir shop on Long Island built in the shape of a giant duck), and “The Decorated Shed”, a constructed box with ornamental systems applied to it – exemplified by the Gothic cathedrals with their huge ornamental facades standing in front of vast warehouses of religious space. 1,750 more words

Midcentury Modernism

Oban, West Coast of Scotland

Oban, gateway to the Western Isles by ferry, I would loved to have gone on a trip around the harbour on this beautiful vessel, shame it wasn’t a ferry. 23 more words


Mystery Ruined Church, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

I took this photo while we were driving along one of the roads on North Uist in May 2014, I really can’t remember what part of the Island we were driving through and this is a very long distance shot.   138 more words


The Front Door, Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Front door on an abandoned ‘Blackhouse’ cottage on the Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

The stones are such a beautiful colour and texture.

From our visit May 2104.


Roofless, Isle of South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

One of many, this derelict house is called a ‘Whitehouse’ on the Outer Hebrides.  This one is on South Uist and if you look to the right of the house you will see the remains of a ‘Blackhouse’ 28 more words


Twice The Time In Aberdeen, Scotland

We visited Aberdeen in Scotland last year 2013 and throughly enjoyed our visit, so much history in a beautiful city.  I am making myself sort through some photos and in doing so I found this one of two clocks.   16 more words