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Automatic Documentation Generation: Doxygen with Processor Expert

One really cool thing with Processor Expert is: it does not only generate the source code for me, it generates as well documentation :-). I’m a believer of the ‘single source’ approach: if I have to document a software project, then the software itself shall be the source of the documentation. 307 more words

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The (Start) of the Good Life

As I mentioned before I am now living ‘off grid’ in a very rural part of Scotland, and I find myself in a precarious situation. I moved here to escape the urbanised way of life, but had completely forgotten just how comfortable and easy that life could be. 644 more words

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Architects – How Much Money is BIM Saving You?

Is Building Information Modelling making its Mark?
BIM is booming in construction.

Contractors expect the percentage of their work that uses BIM to increase by 50% on average over the next 2 years alone. 15 more words


When I was in grade school, I started making lists.  My list of things to do outline my day in no real importance, noting I had school, then after school practice, then homework, then perhaps some chores I needed/was required to get done. 254 more words