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Pay The Toll

On the corner of Bathurst and Davenport, not far from its original location, sits the almost lost and forgotten Toll Booth. If it wasn’t for this diminutive house (and many others from its time now all lost to demolition) the roads of Canada would not be what they are today. 21 more words


Summer: Not for sitting at a computer

Been a bit sick of sitting at the computer a lot. So illustrated some places I find pleasing to the eye, or just interesting as a scene.


Precision Vacuum, Art Deco Forgotten

Sitting quietly in an obscure and quiet area of the Kensington Market area, a reminder of the Art Deco era with the subtle details formed by the bricks. 14 more words


Once upon a time there was a monastery

800 years ago she stood as a safe haven and retreat for those wishing to know God and themselves. She was created to bring the Christian God closer to the people, to open their hearts with the help of Dominican monks. 268 more words