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Russian Railways-An Innovative Response

The worlds second largest railway system with over 85,000 km. of track (and still building) is in Russia. In St. Petersburg the Central Museum of Railway Transport is at the…

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Russian submarine test-launches Bulava intercontinental missile

Russian MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia on Friday successfully tested its new submarine-launched Bulava intercontinental missile, designed to carry nuclear warheads, the defense ministry said in a statement. 140 more words

Russia Test-Launches Bulava Sea-Based Ballistic Missile

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, this year’s third launch of the Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile from the Borey-class Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine took place on Friday. 73 more words

SLBM Bulava

Rise from the depths: how Russia has been scaring Pentagon for the last two weeks
7-11-2014, 09:10 • Publ.: sattay

Practical ballistic missile “Bulava” on Board the nuclear submarine project 955 type Northwind – “Yuri Dolgoruky”, start ballistic missiles Topol-M” from shaft shelter in Plesetsk launch site, and finally, the successful launch of a ballistic missile RSM-54 “Blue” from aboard a nuclear submarine of the Northern fleet of the project 667 type “Dolphin” – “Tula” showed not only that Russia has nuclear forces, but also able to effectively enforce them.

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Russia Test Fires Bulava Sea-Based Ballistic Missile

By RIA Novosti on Friday, October 31st, 2014

Russia has successfully test-fired a Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) from the Borey-class Yury Dolgoruky nuclear-powered submarine, the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday. 223 more words

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