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Postcard from Shumen, Bulgaria

Sent: 11-10-2014
Recieved: 22-10-2014
Distance: 1846KM
Traveled: 11 DAYS


A Saucer And Hammer?

An alien spacecraft? If only.

The Buzludzha Monument stands on 4,700-foot-high-peak of the same. It was built by the Bulgarian communist regime to commemorate an assembly of socialists in 1891, which led to the foundation, in the long-run, of the Bulgarian Communist Party. 51 more words


arrived to Azis' country

Do you recognize that macho man? ( I didn’t at first)

What about this one? (pretty easy for “fans” of turbo-folk)

Guess what? It’s the same man! 397 more words


Stoyan the Sabotnik

Stoyan Bregov was a man whose profession was determined and defined for him by the day of the week of his birth.

He was a Saturday child, born in the 1880’s in the Kyustendil region of Western Bulgaria, close to the border of the Turkish-ruled provinces of Macedonia. 2,663 more words


Sofia, Bulgaria.

I find it pretty symbolical – the fact that this building is decorated with Bulgarian flag. This is my second day here in Sofia, a city for which I left my Italy. 65 more words

DVD Review: Sofia's Last Ambulance

Shot primarily using three dashboard mounted cameras, Ilian Metev’s award winning documentary Sofia’s Last Ambulance captures the unaffected focus and inherent compassion of two medics and their driver, as they navigate gruelling shifts providing service to a turbulent society. 669 more words


USA 94

The follow up to Thiago “Ramon” Grizilli’s Italia 90 series.

World Cup