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My Easter Traditions

Easter is coming up soon, its one of my favorite holidays!

I wanted to share some Easter traditions I grew up with in Bulgaria that we still follow and do to this day. 433 more words

New Voice: Peter Kerkelov

Peter Kerkelov describes a recent work ~

Talking about improvisation and chance here I provide a link to my latest composition “Two Symphonies and Postumus” for string quartet. 1,012 more words

New Voices

A 'novel' idea for readers in Bulgaria

This is just too good. As a beach-lover, book-lover and library frequenter, this is pure genius: a library on the beach.

So you’re off to the beach, you don’t have anything to read, and oh, fancy that – there’s a stock of over 2,500 titles in more than 10 different languages just waiting to be perused. 117 more words

Peacefulness. Sincerity. Purity.

The uniqueness of a moment.

The thrill, the excitement, the emotion of a new friendship.

Lying on one of the cliffs in Lakatnik, Bulgaria.


After more than a week at home with a coughing and clingy 5 year old, I finally got some time all to myself during the weekend, which I spent indulging in my photography hobby… My friend Tedi is a gorgeous and most patient model… We went to one of Sofia’s many parks on Sunday and spent a couple of hours exploring locations, posing and (natural) light… and we had so much fun!!!


The Balkan life....

Sometimes when I am in our village I have blogging ideas. I may be in the field, or stuck upstairs waiting for my Munchkin to wake up. 98 more words


A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Round

Each thing is of like form from everlasting and comes round again in its cycle. /Marcus Aurelius/

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Round