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Case Study #1

A 21-year-old woman[1] is brought into an outpatient clinic by her mother, who complains that her daughter has been demonstrating unusual eating patterns[2] since she moved back home 6 months ago[3]. 1,382 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

Feeding Hope

A young boy deprives himself of everything but water because the students back at school call him fat. An eighteen-year-old girl shoves her fingers down her throat “one more time” because she isn’t as small as the other girls on her team. 939 more words

General Post

Cassie vs. Ed

SO it begins. Another face off with Ed’s Voice.

As previously mentioned, I am Jewish. This week is Passover. I received permission and clearance by Cherry to participate in the Passover religious restriction of foods and diet. 131 more words

Clients with Eating Disorders, We Must Act!

Eating disorders just like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and other medical conditions are illnesses that we, as exercise professionals, fundamentally need to understand and are a complex and perplexing area. 1,026 more words

Life's Curveballs

Life throws me curveballs. And often. I just follow that ball wherever it takes me; never knowing where it goes.

This curveball turned out to be amazing. 1,232 more words

A little catch up

It’s been almost a year since I started writing this blog. And since my last post I had almost forgotten about it! I have been ‘recovered’ for about 9 months… A few relapses here and there I no longer felt the need to document everything. 245 more words

Abnormal Eating Habits 101

“Ok, this is it.  This is the month I’m going to do it.  I’m going to diet, eat healthy and workout for that body I want.   316 more words