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i haven’t felt it in a long while now. it explains my weight gain. my voracious appetite meant that i ate even if i was full. 292 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

Why do I have an eating disorder?

Many people are curious to how my food issues started, and why. For years I tried to block the reasons out and as a result I can’t remember certain parts of my childhood (it’s a defense mechanism to protect myself) but I’ve started to try to explore what exactly caused me to be the way I am. 439 more words

Mental Health

Rolling With The Punches...

If there is anything I’ve learned from my years living with an eating disorder co-occurring with bipolar disorder, it’s that one must learn to “roll with the punches” 457 more words

Unbeatable headaches...

Think it’s time to fast for a little while! I can’t cope with the headaches that purging brings on at the moment! My head literally feels like it’s gonna explode! 22 more words


LoLo’s Weekly Recap… (Week 1)

Started using my new Believe Training Journal!
So here’s week 1! (1/5/2015- 1/11/2015)

OK, let me start with saying it’s weird to be coming back from time off from running that wasn’t related to an injury, at least not a physical injury. 357 more words

Vicious circle....

Like I do every Sunday! I’m sat telling myself this week will be different, I’ll get up tomorrow eat healthily all day, do an hour in the gym and go to bed with a day free of purging and laxatives! 87 more words