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Her Planets, Moons and Stars

She was light-headed from heaving a weighty heart, when masses of galaxies poured out of her mouth as she spoke with only partial reveal.

Words so gentle and magnetic I decided, 134 more words

Alt Lit


I had 354 calories in one meal. It’ll be my only meal today so that I can drink tonight. However, i had more calories in this meal than I ate all day yesterday and that freaks me out  42 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

Just one of those days.

Today I spent hours shopping for yet another birthday on the team. And this ones for the girl who’s our boss below the big boss. And she’s a nightmare to shop for. 128 more words

02-08-2014 - *potentially triggering*

height:5’3 weight:7,5

“You deserve a peace befitting your extraordinary, tireless efforts to find meaning in this life. How long can you live on free coffee and crackers? 28 more words

Day two

Today I woke up with one thing on my mind, food. Cheese on toast to be specific, lots of it, dripping with butter. I don’t usually wake up with craving like this, it’s normally reserved for later on in the evening. 419 more words


Hunger: Body rebelling

In the aftermath of yesterday’s epic purging sessions, breath stinks of garlic (which I believe is nature’s antibiotic) & lethargy is reigning like it always does. 303 more words

Get Your Teeth Checked

We were driving back from a family dinner at a posh Los Angeles restaurant, the kind whose clientele doesn’t dare to touch the bread baskets. My mother could not stop blabbing about the owners of her gym, because that’s what you do when your daughter is home from her first year of college: “One time I went to dinner with them and they both ate steak and one order of French fries. 1,098 more words

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