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mid-week challenge

I have been craving pancakes for weeks now, I haven’t felt safe eating them; they aren’t a trigger food, just high calories and seem so decadent – more than anything this could leave me seriously restricting (starving) myself for days and I really can’t take that. 96 more words


My story Part 2 - Being hit. Not only by Bulimia.

If you missed out on the first part of the story, check it out here. – the childhood and anorexia.

So, I was 18 years old and after the check up with the doc, I knew I have to start eating again if I didn’t want to lose my life. 1,709 more words


Guilt, motherhood, and mothering

I think it’s hilarious that I feel guilty over not posting on my ED blog.¬†ED is all about guilt – at least for me. 414 more words

Days Twenty and Twenty-one

Yesterday wasn’t my best day, I ate very well in work and although I noticed my sugary snack cravings have reduced, I felt fat in my work pants. 403 more words

I needed today!!

Today hasn’t been that easy and it’s certainly been long but I’ve needed every aspect of it.
I needed the physical pain my laxative overdose caused me- it helped relinquish the hold that the mental pain of the past few days had on me. 222 more words

I skipped the gym, so what?

Last night I skipped Hockey – a new pursuit of mine along with netball that I hope will improve my fitness and widen my social circle – Instead I opted to do a Pub Quiz and drink copious amounts of lager and lime with good company. 1,080 more words


I Feel Crazy

Ed made me weigh myself this morning. He said that since I ate late last night I needed to see if I gained weight. I tried to overpower him-I’m only supposed to be weighing myself once a week per my counselors recommendation, and I am trying so hard to listen to her and not Ed. 178 more words