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Bull Fight (1984)

“I felt like destroying something beautiful” – Jack, “Fight Club”

And boy did I! If there has been one moment in my life that made me feel truly a man, as close to Hemingway as i’ll ever get, it was when I slayed my first bull in Coreland/Sega’s “Bull Fight”. 577 more words

Video Game Review

Happy H'Mong New Year

The rice harvest is complete and safely gathered in.  The family will be fed for the coming year so there is chance to relax, celebrate and for young people to consider finding a wife or husband.  396 more words

Valencia, Spain

Day 4 came way too early.  I hadn’t realized when booking my flight out of Lisbon that I would need to be at the airport before the metro even opened.   1,108 more words


Steven Shaviro Quote.

Shaviro, S. (2003). Connected, or, What it means to live in the network society. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.


The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Review

This book has reaffirmed my faith in Hemingway

Wow – this book really pulled itself together, and I think this is my favorite Hemingway work by far. 389 more words

Help Stop the Horrific and Cruel Toro Jubilo festival

“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”
Milan Kundera

More actions you can take to Stop the Torture of Bulls at the Toro Jubilo festival – see a previous entry… 625 more words

Animal Rights

1965: Shadow of a Bull (Growing up is HARD)

VERDICT: Treasure?

Laurinda’s Rating: 3/5

The 1965 Newbery Medal Winner, Shadow of a Bull, is the story of a young Spanish boy whose dead father was a great bullfighter.  371 more words

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