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In Honor of Elegido

Today in honor of Elegido, I will post about a restaurant nobody in their sane mind should go to in  the center of Jerez,  366 more words


Runs With Bulls

Welcome to Arles; your one-stop shop for ancient roman architecture, bull fighting, and killer cuisine. We arrived in Arles at 9am (thank you CarTrieze for offering only one morning bus…) and set off for the morning market. 442 more words

Vila Franca de Xira to Azambuja

8/31 – our 12 mile trek today was mostly on highway, which was nasty, but would have been worse on a weekday with heavier traffic. We met no other pilgrims today. 390 more words


Dogs and Murder: A Meditation on First-Degree Fun

A lot of people think if you love dogs, you’re probably personifying them. It’s easy to see why when people carry them around in Snuggies or put them in T-shirts that say, “A Weirder, Smellier Version of my Master,” or “Because I’m the Poodle, That’s Why.” I love dogs too, and I confess that once, when I was in college, some friends and I spent a weekend at a farm shamelessly personifying a dog. 152 more words

Gloria Sirens

The Gringo Trail - Peru

After an incredible two months in Brazil it was time to switch coasts for a whirlwind trip of Peru with a crew from BC. After confirming my trip to South America in January we decided July/August would be a perfect opportunity to all catch up  for an adventure – something that’s hard now that we live in Auckland, Vancouver, Red Deer, and Halifax. 429 more words


I love a rainy night

Friday night I was in Maryville, MO for a rodeo.  Grand River had the rodeo stock. I’ve been to several of “their” rodeos this summer, and I get used to the stock.  340 more words

Bucking Bulls

Guest Blog: Help to stop Bull Fighting

Below is a guest blog by Luis Leonel an animal rights activist – warning some people may find the videos disturbing.

Bullfighting (corrida de toros in Spanish), also known as tauromachia or tauromachy is a traditional spectacle of some European countries (Spain, Portugal, southern France) and some Hispanic American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru), in which one or more bulls are tortured and finally slaughtered in a bullring. 198 more words

Animal Rights