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A Bull Fight in Valencia, Spain

It was raw, it was intense, and it was an experience that I will never forget.  It is permanently engraved upon my mind and soul and even if I wanted, I will never be able to forget it.   2,427 more words


Spain's Cruelty Against Animals Continue...

January 16 men in the village of San Bartolome de los Pinares rode their horses through bonfires on the eve of St Anthony’s Day – in ”honour” of the patron saint of animals… Tree branches are gathered and built-in the days leading up to the annual event, where horses jump through flames until midnight when riding stops, while drink and eating last until dawn. 288 more words

Animal Cruelty

Morrissey Was Really Happy To Hear That A Bullfighter In Mexico Was Gored By A Bull

You have to give Morrissey some credit. Where many of his fellow rockers from that time period have faded into obscurity, from his massive fan base to his reputation for being outspoken, he never manages to go away. 172 more words

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In Mexico Two Female Bullfighters - Karla de los Angeles and Lupita Lopez - Violently Gored By 1000 LB Bull

International Business Times: Two female Mexican bullfighters, one a single mother competing for the first time in three years, have been gored in a bloody annual festival. 153 more words


Bull Fight (1984)

“I felt like destroying something beautiful” – Jack, “Fight Club”

And boy did I! If there has been one moment in my life that made me feel truly a man, as close to Hemingway as i’ll ever get, it was when I slayed my first bull in Coreland/Sega’s “Bull Fight”. 577 more words

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Happy H'Mong New Year

The rice harvest is complete and safely gathered in.  The family will be fed for the coming year so there is chance to relax, celebrate and for young people to consider finding a wife or husband.  396 more words