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King of the Road :)

Drivers kept a respectful distance from this majestic specimen :)


Power Rangers Megazord Bull Megazord

The Bandai Power Rangers Bull Megazord warrior toy faithfully captures the awesome power of the giant transforming samurai robot featured in Power Rangers. This colorful and impressively statured figure offers two transformation modes, allowing kids to play with the toy as a samurai robot or rampaging bull. 43 more words


I really need to update this place more. Anywho, here’s George. I had to re-draw him a number of times before I was
finally happy with the flowers. 12 more words

Black Bull

He holds the phone like it’s a firework
set to go off against his cheek
he knows this conversation should have
ended five minutes ago with a resounding, 238 more words


Dare You Not To Laugh (Video)

You may have seen this, I just saw it on my friend Abbi’s facebook.  Happy Humpday