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Bucking Balls!

exposed – do you see the horns on that ball ? (meant bull) lol.


A Pit Bull Lovingly Comforts An Injured Deer And Refuses To Leave Her Side. This Is Beautiful!

When Loreal Camelo found a young deer tangled up in her fence on her home her Pit bull, Gotti, wanted to help. According to Loreal, her gentle dog attempted his greatest to comfort the injured animal. 30 more words

Women Ideas

Monster in the Fence. A Haiku.

Nostrils flaring wide

Eyes bright like distended suns

The old fence rumbles

A wink to Hugh and Vivachange on that one. The fence keeps giving.

Pit Bull Lovingly Comforts Injured Deer & Stays By Its Side Until Assist Arrives

And after once more, yet another Pit Bull has created it to the news! This sweet and affectionate Pit Bull’s name is Gotti. Gotti’s owner identified her licking and comforting an injured deer that got tangled in the fence. 22 more words

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