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Vintage Lingerie: Repro and Original

I’m a big fan of vintage and vintage style lingerie. Bullet bras, huge knickers that go all the way up to your waist, and most recently, seamed stockings. 783 more words


Review: Joanna's Wardrobe Grace Bra & Ella Knickers

I’ve always loved the idea of bralettes; they come in such lovely designs and look oh-so-comfortable with no wires, no padding etc.  However, being a size 34DD, I have always been rather sceptical about whether they would support me or even lift my boobs up so I didn’t look like an ageing hippie. 924 more words

Vintage Lingerie

And prey what are you looking at...? ;)

The many sides of the Governess Mistress Xela Xaste ready to flog you anytime, anywhere to within an inch of your life! ;)

Flogging is definitely my favourite implement and the one with which I give my purest and most erotically sensual cruelty… xxx

To Man the Torpedoes or Not

Is there a time and a place in 2014 and beyond to wear a bullet bra?

So you’ve fallen in love with the vintage style, good for you :)  It’s a fun genre that’s open to so much interpretation and I can guarantee that you’re going to love your time dressing up in retro garb. 815 more words

Granny got it right!

Buying vintage or replica vintage underwear can be challenging for a couple of reasons, first of all, it can be very expensive, and this limits the number of items that most people can afford to buy at one time. 672 more words