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"Bullet Time" Part I: What is it?

Adam Lanza made direct reference to this obscure student film four times on the Super Columbine Massacre RPG Discussion forum, where he posted as “Smiggles.” 1,586 more words

bullet time ;)

My version of the concept that we used for my workshop in Singapore organised by David Wirawan. I decided to use a background that I shot already a few weeks before, that was originally ment to be for this concept. 49 more words

Time Splice: Arguably The Coolest Thing Ever

I can remember the first time I saw it. The hour was late, I was huddled in my room in enthusiastic anticipation of what I was sure would be another excellent episode of  662 more words


Gamescom 2014 - Xbox One’s Most Impressive Game

Today is the official day of Gamescom 2014.  I almost spent the entire day watching all the forthcoming game trailers. There are so many great games to talk about. 161 more words