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Online Evasive Action XVID

Online Evasive Action XVID Bullet Time, Matrix Bullet Time, Evasive Interaction, Evasive Maneuver, Evasive Action Definition, Evasive Maneuvers Definition, Action Images Jerry Jacobs When Redwood Federal Penitentiary closes, there are going to be several hundred prisoners looking for a new home. 158 more words

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Frozen Pi -- An Affordable Bullet Time Recorder

What happens when you strap 48 Raspberry Pi cameras together with nearly half a kilometer of network cables? You get your own bullet time capture rig. 201 more words

Raspberry Pi


This week we were introduced to Vyclone, the app that allows 3 minutes of multicamera filming which can then be remixed by other Vyclone users. Below is what we filmed at MediaCity whilst testing it out as a group. 104 more words

Mobile Film


Price: $4.99

Play time: 1-2 hours

Replayability: A variety of weapons, a scoring system, and other goodies make this short action platformer a fun and replayable experience. 143 more words


Sherlock, Mind Palace Editing

Sherlock, Mind Palace Editing

Sherlock one of the most popular TV series in the world uses a range of camera and editing effects.

One effect used is Motion Tracking.   165 more words

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Are The Wachowski's Re-entering 'The Matrix?'

There’s talk about a new series of ‘Matrix’ films, and I think it’s an awesome idea.  The original story, about people fighting for the freedom to live in the world of the real, instead of a computer-generated facsimile, is a canvas broad enough that it can be easily be revisited. 277 more words