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Weird Fact Of The Day 07/27/2014

Listed among the stomach contents during the autopsy of Christopher George White (AKA Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa, Biggie, etc) was 11 Twinkie snack cakes, half a bucket of KFC chicken, n Arizona licence plate, a Caucasian midget (tests show the midget was most likely alive before he, and Mr Wallace, were riddled with bullets), a size 11 Nike basketball shoe and a small ZipLoc bag which tests confirmed contained cat poop.

Weird Fact Of The Day

The War brews War

In a deep-rooted belief a mindset is construed

Forgiven were none and none could forget

Rogue saw the eyes on path of guns and bullets… 136 more words



Tempting death
Is the soldier
Not found on his bed
But right inside the battle field
Dodging bullets and missiles
In a war not caused by him… 187 more words


How Ideals and not Bullets are Killing in the Middle East

Yet another highly-illuminated tabloid-esque ‘Breaking News’ report attempts to steal my attention as it makes its way upon my screen. It was only four minutes since the last one scrolled across. 385 more words

Philosophy Of Life

Bloodied shades of grey.

Unless you have been living on Planet Zog (and at this moment in time, I really wish I was) you will have heard about the invasion into Gaza, which started off with airstrikes, but now has a ground invasion too. 1,222 more words