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This is an American bullfrog froglet. At this stage they are usually about 2-3 years of age. Bullfrogs take a long time to develop from eggs. 133 more words


Summer Song

Summer Song

Distant motorbike resonates like a bullfrog
in the summer dark, a mating call of bars

closing and the steam of recent rain
rising to the reducing horizon


Lebaran Trip Day 1: Shanghai - Long time no see 「上海,好久不見」

After more than a year, I finally came back to Shanghai. Somehow I feel like it’s emptier now.

We had dinner at my dad’s favorite Hunan restaurant: Guyi 古意, located inside my favorite’s shopping mall, Jiu Guang 久光. 215 more words

Lebaran Trip 2014

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Two weeks ago my swimming pool was crystal clear. I’d spent much time and energy to get it that way for the weekend of the 4th. 173 more words

Cautionary Note About Photographing Bullfrogs

During my last round of trips to photograph the Bullfrogs on Horseshoe Lake in Ontario’s Parry Sound region I was under close watch by one member of the resident beaver family that resides in the marsh. 385 more words


Beach and bullfrogs

I haven’t felt like getting a lot of pictures or posting lately. It’s probably partly because of all the hot weather that makes me hot and not want to do much but jump in the pool. 224 more words