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HAIKU -- 08252014-6

August night —

a bullfrog’s plaintive

basso profundo


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Bullfrogs disrupting sleep and quiet in a Richmond neighbourhood

Sleep deprivation is becoming a problem for some residents in Richmond as a growing chorus of bullfrogs is keeping people up at night.

Residents say the bullfrogs living in a slough along the Richmond dyke have become an issue, especially during the mating season. 250 more words


Solid State Romcast: The 8-10-14 Show

The Romcast crew is at it yet again as both Jon and Matt “Off” White welcome the ever so jet lagged Durrty back from his European tour. 254 more words


Frog Frenzy at Vanaqua

This gallery contains 8 photos. Did you know that the American Bullfrog is native to eastern North America, but has been introduced to many parts of the world because people had a taste for frog legs? 283 more words


My favourite game #4

                  Theme Hospital

Developed by Bullfrog, Published by Electronic Arts( When they weren’t such douches?).

Way before the sims, zoo tycoon, hotel giant, rollercoaster tycoon; A company called Bullfrog made a game called Theme Hospital… 155 more words


Mount Auburn Cemetery Stroll

This 174-acre garden cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is more a keeper of living splendors than storage for the departed. Spectacular specimens of domestic and cultivated trees, shrubs, and flowers line the serpentine paths, and here and there are reflecting ponds or fountains, microcosms of life. 49 more words


Puffer's Island at Night

Puffer’s Island at night has left me with treasured memories. How very fortunate I was to have known the island after dark, revealing all its secret stories to anyone who would stop and take them in. 596 more words

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