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The Bullfrog and the Butterfly

My conscious mind

Is a butterfly

It flits from thought to thought

Sometimes it flits when it should be asleep:

There’s a lesson it must be taught. 120 more words


Eat the Enemy: Dine on Invasive Species

We seem to live in a world of bizarre culinary trends, quickly-evolving health research and a barrage of eat-this-not-that PSAs. Deciding what to put on the dinner table has never been more of a battle, as experts decry America’s obsession with meat and factory farming, significant contributors to climate change and the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

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1 Bullfrog & 2 Geese: An Alternative Parable of "the fall."

An adaptation of an age-old story about pride by: Rev. Ed Schneider

A few years ago on a fictitious road trip to Florida, my imaginary traveling companion and I observed something quite amazing….something that neither one of us had ever seen before….and have never seen again.   1,530 more words

Rev. Ed Schneider

The Ladybug Lives Life Off the Wall at Swing'n'Milan

Last year I missed a very important weekend in Milan because I was out of town: two events that I really wanted to attend to be precise. 337 more words