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“530 Fatties” Facebook Makes Fun Of Overweight People

Eighteen year-old Jessi Lynn Howell had no idea her picture had been posted on a Facebook page called “530 Fatties.” The page showed candid photos of unsuspecting people, making fun of their weight, specifically targeting people in the Sacramento, California area.


But What About Her Burns?

One of my worst bullies
was the only other girl in
gym class who never had
a partner.

My bully would tell me
how terrible ugly weak… 118 more words


Not to Dad...Never Stops Bleeding

My Dad was bullied bad.
Bullied at school
and bullied at home
by my crazy Uncle and
(at the time)
physically and emotionally abusive
Grandfather… 257 more words


Punch Him Next Time

Seattle Schools have zero
tolerance for bullying. I know
because my friend’s kid was getting
bullied for being too talented and
pretty. Her kid easily transferred schools… 264 more words


Surviving the bullies

Recently I’ve been feeling less than pretty. And a hell of a lot less than beautiful.

In those moments when the negative voices start getting louder, calling you names, telling you you are unworthy you must make the decision to fight them and make them STOP. 839 more words

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Cupid. Chapter Three.

I can still smell the tea in their cups as I move through the room of comatose young girls, I allow my training and common sense to pick up every tell, if one of these girls had managed to hold her breath and was playing dead, it didn’t show. 537 more words

Short Story


I’m so glad I waited a few days to write this post because it’s definitely one that could have been written in bitterness and haste. 1,563 more words