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Stop the Bullying

With a new school year beginning this week, I urge those of you who are parents of young students to broach the topic of anti-bullying… 102 more words


It takes thick skin to survive the vipers

I always look forward to opening my private messages on facebook, which are usually full of dudes with horrid pickup lines. Today, I found this little gem by Von’te Banks. 401 more words


African Dreams, German Campfire, English Words by Sylvia Schlettwein

Namibian writer, Sylvia Schlettwein, uses German titbits in her English stories not as an expression of Germanness, but rather of Namibianness and Africanness.

I don’t have any problem being classified as an African writer. 1,254 more words

Online Content

Taylor Swift Keeps Churning Out The Epic Quotes

“People cut other people down for entertainment, amusement, out of jealousy, because of something broken inside them, or for no reason at all. Its what they do because you live your life loudly and boldly.”

237 more words

The Right Approach to Understanding and Dealing with Bullies

Something that I have observed over the years is the hypocrisy in modern Americans having to do with a distribution of mercy towards certain types of individuals. 748 more words


...You're not Anti-Heroes

So, while the gamerbros are doing a bang up job of proving just how awful they can get (for serious guys, we have Joss Whedon and Will Wheaton on our side, you have the guy who played the guy more famous for a knitted hat.*), I had a thought. 568 more words


Clarissa Recommends

Gabriel Finely and the Raven’s Riddle

by: George Hagen

A missing father – the mystery

How to find him – the riddle

Become a raven’s amicus – the magic… 37 more words