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What are you doing, Dragon? Part 2

OK, I lied yesterday. This is at least a 3-part comic. Maybe longer. Apparently I can get away with whatever it is I’m doing here, because yesterday was this blog’s best-ever day for page views. 42 more words


"Internet Thugs"

It’s hard enough to be open with yourself without the world knowing ur inner struggle, but I bet it’s much harder being real and honest, when lights, cameras and mikes are shoved in your face. 422 more words


Shitty. shit day

I had hoped today would have gone smoothly. Kids would all get to school & the new term would begin. By the time I got downstairs this morning all but 1 of my kids were dressed & ready to go. 596 more words


Population Gym Class - You can't workout with us!

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

- Mean Girls

As I mentioned in my first post, I have just started going to gym classes to try and get my body back into shape. 

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Quote for Today: Radical Hope

To the people who need to hear this:

“Okay. You’re better than me. Now, go enjoy being better than me and leave me alone.”  RadicalHope.


Bullies! Can Make You Cry! It's Never-2-Late

Bullies, I had them. The sad part is people are sometime bullies even when you’re grown. People lie to make themselves look good, people find fault,  people seem to feed into confusion never thinking about who it hurts. 523 more words

Cruel Laughter

There’s a cruel kind of laughter
That wounds but only one;
And leaves the rest enjoying
The damage that’s been done

But cruelty is a cannibal… 14 more words

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