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Snark Is NOT a Super Power, or: Passive Aggression is For Cowards

I’m sure most people online have seen this story. These last few days I’ve been struggling with my thoughts about it. I’m going to attempt to explain my feelings with a story. 837 more words

Work Rant

Some people say we should be careful with what we say on the Internet about work because it will catch up to you later on.  What if you are being bullied by your own boss but you have to stay at this low pay job for now because this is the only thing that will get back with me immediately where I live?   834 more words


To The Bullied

You wish you could stop

the barrage of

name calling

of shouting

of laughter


pushing pulling stealing hitting

chanting cheering hiding



You wish you could fade away, 136 more words


Insecurities and Bullies (some explicit language)

Bullies, man.

Recently, something came up that has sent a huge flare of fear right up and down my entire being. An old fear, one I was not aware had any presence left. 978 more words

Weight Loss

A Year of Hibernation

So, another Oats update for ya?

  • Thursday- I had my riding lesson with Nicole. I saw her out in the field with her other students, and decided to pick up my big girl panties and have a lesson out there too.
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Good advice on the art school crit, and great advice for navigating around negatrons:

“…stay away from drama queens, bastards, and bullies, even the ones who are powerful and who seem to hold the potential for your future professional advancement.

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