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In what fantasy land is this even half okay?

Cowboy handshake, right? Deal is done. Judgement of character. Both sides get it. Best deal is the Fair deal. This is how I was raised. A good deal is a fair deal. 252 more words


It's okay to be different

My son is what some people would call “quirky.” He has always marched to his own drum. He makes up his own theme music. He does what he wants, even when it isn’t always what his friends do. 424 more words


Bronx Bullies Chanting 'Ebola' Beat Senegalese Boys - YouTube

Hey #SamoreLoveBugz Two middle school students who recently moved to the Bronx from West Africa were pummeled at their school after a pack of bullies taunted…

For Old Times Sake

Lately I’ve gathered some followers who have said they like the content I am spreading, but didn’t exactly understand what for.

So what makes our cause different? 457 more words


My child got Nation of Islam paper, too

October 28, 2014 by Todd Starnes

A second parent has now come forward acknowledging their child received a Nation of Islam “handout” in a third grade class at Harold McCormick Elementary School in Elizabethton, Tennessee – contradicting claims by the school district that the document was not distributed in the classroom. 702 more words

Left Wing

Flight or Fight

When I was at school I was picked on.
Not to the extent of others, but enough to make a significant impact on my self confidence and well being. 322 more words


When bullies are in real life: If someone is pickin’ on you at work or anywhere, don’t say anything back.  I had many times where I wanted to say something back to the girl who was saying slick stuff under her breath about me but I refrained.   254 more words