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Have you ever been bullied? How did it make you feel?

Have you ever been bullied? How did it make you feel?
Have you been a witness to someone being bullied? How did it make you feel? 110 more words


Glad there's no Dislike Button on Facebook

After experiencing Amazon’s down vote and up vote system, I’ve concluded I’m glad Facebook doesn’t have something like that.  I think the haters are following my posting histories everywhere I go.   331 more words



People need to learn how to respect one another and stop treating other people like trash. When you insult someone, it makes you no better of a person than you are. 582 more words

Wordle #31 "Cenotaph"

When will these invisible armies recede?

These murders, these lichen-gripped cenotaphs

My neighbors, my brothers will you dismiss me?

Feast on my currency, on the enamel that holds my heart… 160 more words


My First Review on my Test Book

A while back, I had published a test book to have something on the shelf because Amazon wouldn’t let me create an author central profile unless I had a book I already wrote.   134 more words


Internet bullying

So, when is it okay to dox somebody? Reveal their real name and address on the internet? Threaten to hack their accounts? Threaten to get their social security numbers? 311 more words