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You Can't Get Their Respect

Someone tries to insult you but they fail.  They’re always trying to make fun of you, to scoff at you, to laugh at how weak, inferior, stupid, and “cute” you are.  296 more words

widgets and whiners

Say you need something, for this discussion we will say a widget.
You promised someone this widget. This widget is available in 5 places.

-Imagine you know exactly which widget you want. 209 more words

Alpha Nerds And Bullies Within Fan Groups

Lake Charles, LA

Let me start off by saying that this post will probably tick off a few people.  It will most likely tick off those good folks who believe that they are not exactly what they appear to be.  907 more words

Nerdy Stuff

Mr. Nice Guy Sucks

I honestly try to live my life as a good person. I try to always be there for my friends, even when I hesitate to ask them to be there for me because it makes me feel self-conscious to say, “Hey, I’m having a really hard time and I need some help getting through it.” I have fallen in love with volunteering for a rescue, and I also volunteer at least an hour six days a week giving free counseling to teenagers who struggle with self harm. 1,943 more words


My Broken Soul I See in Others

Today, I share one of those fun poems that reads almost like a story. I’ve mentioned how poetry was my way of figuring out the world. 771 more words


Secondary Traits of the Personality Disordered

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder… there are so many fucked up people out there and diagnosing them is typically a matter for the experts. 1,218 more words


What does the Phantom Menace Look Like?

After many attempts at warning the individual(s) involved in silently stalking and harassing me, even sending out a pretend Cease and Desist Letter, the fool still continues to report my posts.  324 more words