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Church is For Girls

“Church is For Girls” is actually the avatar of someone who has commented on the Dalrock thread. That nickname however, combined with four atheists emailing me 1Timothy 2:12, has me amused this afternoon. 652 more words


Yesterday was crazy

My boyfriend and I were arguing

My brother was being bullied at school (he’s a freshman in highschool)

I’m stressed out about my grades, and finals this week… 37 more words

Go cover yourself!

One of my first reads today was a news post on a Moroccan online news channel. This post was shared on Facebook. The object of the article is not really my point, but let me briefly describe it. 605 more words


I think I suck at relationships.

There really is no other way at putting it. I am quite certain that being in a relationship is just something I am horrible at. Perhaps I know why, but then again, perhaps I don’t. 640 more words

10 Things I Want My Kids to Remember at School

As a former teacher turned parent, I thought I would share some ideas we emphasize with our boys related to school. I could make a list of 100, but these are some of the ones I find myself repeating often. 389 more words


What adults can do about bullying

This week is National Bullying Awareness Week.  We’ve all heard the stories about bullying and how far things can go.  Too many kids now will choose suicide over the relentless tormenting and harassment that can come with bullying behaviour.  1,256 more words


Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside?


Literally: inside – soft/weak/gentle – outside – sturdy/strong

Alternately: Acting tough but actually timid. Seeming strong but actually weak. “A lion abroad and a mouse at home.” 55 more words