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I'm not supposed to be here

I’m supposed to be in New York right now. I’m an idiot.

I’m supposed to be there for 9 days. I can’t do it.

I’m supposed to have dropped the dogs off at the boarding place last night and flown out with my family this morning. 671 more words

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nanny nanny boo boo, I'm as old as you hoo : P

Last night was the husband’s first night off in, like, 2 weeks and he offered to stay with the puppy so I could go run and hide (I mean go get some sleep at the far end of the house behind a tightly closed door). 597 more words

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Dog days...

It must be crazy pet day week. The boys were playing and then it got quiet. If you have kids, you know, when it gets quiet it’s time to see what the heck is going on because it’s rarely good! 134 more words

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Jathan And Heather Work To Find Homes For Adoptable Pets [VIDEOS]

Dog lovers that we are, we’re always poking our noses into animal shelters and pet stores, looking for animals to visit. One day on my lunch break, I stopped by the… 296 more words

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At the beach, I am not...

What a week….it’s been rough and boring all at the same time. After the weekend’s drama it went from total stress to, well….absolutely nothing. Keeping up with the puppy is like having a baby in the house again, it’s exhausting and it reminds me of why I decided not to have any more of them┬áso many years ago!! 332 more words

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and the winner is...

I’m always venting about something my son (mostly) has done to piss me off. Or I’m bitching about something the two of them have jacked up together, but I think it’s time I wrote something somewhat positive. 298 more words

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