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The Beast

While I was running yesterday morning, I realized how much of life is lived mindlessly while we wait for whatever it is we happen to be waiting for. 541 more words


The Dorkshire Terrier

Somewhere out there is an idiot to whom I owe a great deal. He was a guy who thought it would be a great idea to buy a puppy, in the hopes of turning it into a monster guard dog. 1,117 more words


Pit Bulls and Perception

Uploaded on Jul 12, 2011

Pit bull terriers might have a bad reputation in the news, but we’re out to prove that these short-haired muscular mutts can be big sweethearts. 56 more words


The Breakfast Club (2)

All of these comics you talented people keep coming up with lately gave me an idea…here is a different twist on my original Breakfast Club. I can’t draw for shit so this will have to do. LOL


The Breakfast Club (1)

Mornings are interesting over here…I need to get a life. I know, whatever. Ever wonder what goes on between your animals? I do, all the time. 652 more words


Livonia Man Killed By Bullmastiff Dogs!

A 46yr old man  who’s also a  colon cancer survivor was mauled  by 2 bullmastiff dogs.  The man from Livonia was out jogging by his job when the 2 dogs attacked him. 21 more words


Meet More of the AKC Rescue Network's Top Dogs

Are you looking for a purebred dog that fits your lifestyle and is also in need of a loving, forever home? The AKC Rescue Network… 520 more words