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Standing on a cliff is not as glamorous as you'd think, step back you fool

Don’t ever try to kill yourself. It’s just not one of those things you put on your bucket list you know. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. 265 more words


Okay, seriously, that's enough now.

This is from the same fuckers who wanted a thousand dollars from me last week to do some shit that I could do for myself for free.   44 more words


Dre’s Ramblings: Episode 9 - You Know What's Bullshit?...


Babies are bullshit. Modern activism in the US is bullshit. This night has been bullshit. Except for the wine. That’s been phenomenal.

Dre's Ramblings

Nobody wants to be a loner.

So I’m starting university in two weeks, which means I’m moving halfway across the country to go. This was my choice which I’m happy with but now I am starting to realize that it might have been a huge mistake. 266 more words



There are some times in this life where words seem to fail me. Instead, I’m overcome with a bliss of sorts. A sense of reality that allows me a feeling of connectedness with all that is. 706 more words


Here's the issue.

Most of my life, I have never bad mouthed or spoke about family issue outside of family in the fear that the people I love would get judged. 229 more words