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In 1969 we flew to the moon, now 45 years later with a mountain of technological advances, the best non-electric car’s MPG hardly surpasses the time that’s passed since–I smell bullshit.


Why amazon.com's $5,000 offer is bullshit

Amazon has recently made headlines by saying that they are offering their employees up to $5,000 to quit, leaving everyone to conclude “Gee it must be great working for Amazon if all those employees don’t want that money.” This is bullshit, and I’ll tell you why. 471 more words

Anti-Vaxxers Don't Understand Diseases

The flu is a life-threatening illness. Over 110 children died in America as a direct result of the flu in 2013, and numerous others died from conditions exasperated by the flu. 519 more words

Anti Vaxx

Inner beauty

Ok. So I’m watching this episode of Curb your enthusiasm where Mike, Larry’s blind friend, is looking for a date. He wants a good-looking woman, in spite of his not being able to see her, and Larry tells him he’s too demanding, since the lady not only has to look good, but also accept a blind partner. 142 more words

Let's take a day off on our day off

I see the IWW is calling for a general strike on May Day

Which is very convenient for students at my university, where May 1st and 2nd are Student Study Days, with no classes, labs, or regularly scheduled office hours.  What a bunch of tossers.

Bad Americans

The 12 steps of Bullshit

1st step.

“We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction.”

So far..so good. Alot of reading. Fuck. There are some things I have to do for example there is alot of reading. 338 more words