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[haiku 207] she's got it all wrong

Sadie hides in plain
Sight; her voice: ghostly; her—
Friendship: barely there.

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Teach for America MUST Die

Teach for America sucks.  That’s all; it just sucks.  Does it suck for districts who SINCERELY have no better-qualified applicants applying for teaching jobs?  Probably not.   349 more words

Grumpy moanings of a 30-something rapper

Since its been a fucking dull day at work, here is my TOP 5 MOST ANNOYING THINGS RAPPERS BANG ON ABOUT (I say ‘top 5′, I mean ‘first five that came into my head’): 358 more words


Hercules: Hercules is the Cake

“Before he was a legend, he was a man.”

Uhm, no. He was, is, and always will be a fictional character. Thanks for fucking that up. 49 more words


An open letter to Starbucks

I just posted this to the Starbucks FB page. Not convinced I’ll get a reply…

Dear Starbucks. Recently I had the misfortune of being ‘forced’ to purchase a coffee in one of your fine establishments (I say ‘forced’, I mean ‘couldn’t be arsed to walk to Costa due to terminal laziness). 319 more words



There’s a little beetle I’ve seen on the grass outside for the last three days now. I know its the same one because it gives me that knowing look of recognition every time. 70 more words


A Message From God

Hey world. God here. Just popped in to let you know I really don’t like gays. But if could all get together and sing songs really enthusiastically to me while a bloke in a dress leads you on that would be swell. 69 more words