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Frustrated with psychiatrist

I wrote my psychiatrist a message saying I needed to meet with him after being released from the hospital.  When I talked to my case manager today she said I had an appointment set up with his nurse, which of course I hadn’t been informed of.   128 more words

Background Information


A friend of mine visited my blog yesterday. He all but rubbed it in my face that he had more followers than me (I have only one. 386 more words



And that’s putting it lightly. Lately it seems that my moods have been a roller-coaster. More so than normal. Simple things that people (at work) screw up on make me feel like they are wasting my time. 417 more words


you guys lied

Didn’t you say you all wouldn’t be in the office until tomorrow? Everyone saw you guys eating lunch today and it was on Instagram. WTF has Nicole really rubbed off on everyone?


This might as well be true...

Despite claims to the contrary made by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, nobody actually knows for certain at this point what brought down flight MH17. Or if they do, they’re not telling. 553 more words


They say it takes more muscles to frown than to smile… and so you should smile. I would argue that while that may be true sometimes, it takes many more muscles to smile when you don’t feel like it… then it is just painful and ugly. 8 more words