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Divide To Conqueror: Democrat 101

Make’m Mad Before You Make’m think

My sadness is that we are probably today more race and difference-conscious than we were in the 1960s when I went to school. 223 more words



I was called a hippy. I was called a left-winged bullshit spurting hippy because I believe that standing up for injustice anywhere is the minimum to do if a people or person is being maltreated. 259 more words


Done, Done and Done

So you know how I wrote on here last time how I told my ex after more than a month of not speaking to eachother or seeing one another that I was okay with going to the same party as him and getting on speaking terms because I had let our relationship go? 1,035 more words

First ever Podcast!

I made this with my bro a few days ago, we’re looking for feedback and fans and shit. So, ya know, check it out!

2 Bros Episode 1. 7 more words

Wrestlemania: Part 2

I’ve felt wind in my hair, standing on the top turnbuckle, and seen the careers of legends burn like a match and disappear. I’ve watched the Titantron glitter in the dark in Madison Square Garden. 1,957 more words


I Have Nothing to Write About

I have nothing to write about, i feel wedged between two hollow walls, both lacking inspiration and direction. But i am a writer. It’s entrapment being such a thing and having nothing to say.  363 more words

Are You Bullshitting Me?

It was with shock and amusement that I read news reports about Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia), about to retire from Congress after a run of twenty-four years,  467 more words