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4.05 - Trying to Blend In

A month into school, I still felt like I had no friends. My roommate and all her friends hated me because they thought I was a vampire… Stupid mark! 368 more words


Direction of the propelling fear | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I’d like to think that fear is a propellant as much as the desire to succeed is. The only issue is that fear, for most people, determines which direction it pushes the people rather than the people determining the direction they want to go. 568 more words

Edible Pen

North Korea Isn't Scary, Just Pitiful

It seems to me, that the more North Korea trys to seem like an evil, nuclear fueled superpower, the more I personally marginalize and utterly disregard them. 218 more words


Confronting a Bully on the First Day.

Yesterday, my hurricane began her new school which was a rousing success. She came home happier than I’ve ever seen her when coming home from school.   457 more words


The Tragedy of Archibald Firtizwald

This right here is definitely one of my favourites ever. My personal favourites. Riveting, touching, and I was just plain cruel to the boy. Smh at myself. 2,503 more words

One Insult Goes a Long Way!

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and strangely enough, sometimes it seems one size — at least to them — fits all.  I’ve recently posted an article about the topic of bullies…but in today’s society, it seems that one article is clearly not enough. 608 more words