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My mum 100% knows how to make me feel awful.

Let’s watch the depression kick back in.

Words Unspoken

Everyone knows the phrase “read between the lines.” We have heard it ever since we were little. It means look for the unspoken words and their meaning. 623 more words


Are you OK with your children being you?

I need to get a few things off my chest, and most women, and maybe even some men, will probably be appalled that someone would ACTUALLY think this way. 749 more words

Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins!

Yesterday I strolled into my hair salon looking for a new look. I not only came out with a new look for my hair but also with a new look on life. 439 more words

Families aye

Most families are supportive and care about one another,aswell as protect everyone as much as they can. But noo not my family. They’re far from that. 215 more words

What is bullying?

FAQs #1
What is bullying?
Bullying is a learned behaviour. It is when a person or group tries to hurt or control another person in a harmful way. 216 more words

Love & Life

Always be positive! ;)

Question that I need to ask people…

What would you do if you’re bullied at school?

Do you have confidence in yourself?

Do you feel emotionless? 43 more words

Love & Life