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    Until I reached high school, I never could understand why people would talk it up so much. Like it wasn’t just school, it was “ 507 more words


Larry Clark > Sophia Coppola

Watched “The Bling Ring” on Netflix Canada. I almost titled this post “What to Watch on Netflix When You Feel Bored, Tired & Totally Brain Dead” because “The Bling Ring” was boring almost to the point of being relaxing … yet it was also totally disturbing. 28 more words


Words Do Not Teach



Yesterday, I had the painful experience of releasing some deep seeded perceptions about money.

It was physically tense and I almost didn’t complete but I knew this was better for me than holding it in.  295 more words

Will power

Tonight was the first time i stood up and said “no” to eating too late. My mother wanted to eat a sandwich at 10 this evening. 322 more words

Day 46: It's What You Do

As a nanny, I have the great pleasure of watching a lot of Cartoon Network. Let’s just say, cartoons have really gone downhill since my time. 226 more words

Warachnids by Matthew Sawyer

Matthew Sawyer


A squad of four trespassers encroach on foot an undeveloped hill-scape real estate owned by the Paramount of Southern California. Everyday, trespassers trespass properties owned by the Paramount all across North America – indeed, all over the world. 2,864 more words