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My Broken Soul I See in Others

Today, I share one of those fun poems that reads almost like a story. I’ve mentioned how poetry was my way of figuring out the world. 771 more words


You Big Bully

I was reading some posts on Facebook the other day, and looking at the news, and found myself reading posts about the laws being changed for the sentences for internet “trolls”.   825 more words

Life...the Universe And Everything...else

Everyone Black Ain't Always Your Brother

When I was a kid, I wasn’t a tattle-tale. That was highly frowned upon in my neighborhood—and in my family. With my family, I think it was because my parents didn’t have time for refereeing disputes and policing misconduct. 998 more words

Social Justice

So, I've started a blog. Let's talk about that!

An Introduction To Destruction!

Hello any and all who may have come across this collection of thoughts and opinions widely known as a blog!

I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about myself, why I’m here and what you can expect to see come out of this in the future should you decide “hey, that was a good read! 1,864 more words


How to Leave The sad memories of Childhood Behind

Having an unhappy childhood can haunt you. Even if you have a happy life as an adult, and feel that you have overcome the pain you experienced growing up, certain events and encounters with others can send you right back into the time warp that was your childhood. 806 more words


Men who are glorious winged pansies

It’s been a long week of bullshit at my apartment. Apparently my smoking is affecting the health of my neighbors’ babies; in fact, they have gone as far as to accuse me of causing both their babies coughs and threatening to take me to court. 381 more words


Stereotypes and School Rivalries

We all know the cliques and the stereotypes that are attached to them. The band geeks, the Math nerds, the dumb jocks, the teacher’s pet, the English snobs, you’re well aware of them I’m sure. 491 more words