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Bully Scholarship Edition - PC

Kids Games | Bully Scholarship Edition – PC

Bully takes the Rockstar tradition of groundbreaking and original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling to an entirely new setting: the schoolyard. 23 more words

Putin is an ASS

You know that you’re in real trouble when the title of an article is controversial.

Today, a high level Russian politician stated on their national TV that Russia is prepare to use for where necessary to protect its interests . 244 more words

Op Ed

The Fall of a Queen

Her name was Patty Picard.
You know the type. Rich, popular, and pretty, with painted nails and pleated miniskirts. Teachers love her, boys worship her, girls cling to her slang and fashion fads. 766 more words


Online Abuse and What To Do About It

If you Google “PTSD from Twitter” you’ll find a story about Melody Hensley, Executive Director of DC’s Center for Inquiry. I have no opinions of Mrs. 1,996 more words


Reasons Why People Hate Holly.

As I’ve mentioned all year, 2014 has proven itself to be the year of my past. Over the weekend, a friend from high school messaged me, and wanted to tell me about his latest “epic” breakup. 1,610 more words

Holly A. Phillips

I AM a fitness bully...Really I am.

It was a bit tough to swallow the few comments I recieved regarding a post I put up on Facebook recently.  But I have come to realize that even myself, whom I consider to be an optomistic, positive, uplifting individual does at times find herself in compromising situations. 191 more words


Fiction - Nightmare - Part Six - by Matthew Hoemke

As the school day came to a close, students flooded the halls, laughing and joking about their day.  Jake lingered behind a bit, not really fearing the walk home but also not looking forward to it.  740 more words

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