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The why of bullying lies not in the victim but in the bully



Short post to tell you all to SMILE! It takes less muscles in the face to smile than to frown. Share a smile with each other and spread happiness to everyone.


Being made a victim

I haven’t been around much these past weeks, since I started a web design course. You’d think summer is a good time to do everything you don’t have time to do during the year, so I’m up and down all day long. 1,220 more words


The Thought of the 'Worthless'

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed in depression the critical voice is a very significant thing. The critical voice tends to evolve into the inner bully and this causes serious problems for coping in everyday life. 204 more words


A Problem in most Schools' Anti Bullying Systems

Bullying is a key issue that everyone have heard of it by now. It includes a bully and a victim of bullying. Bullying can be of different ways, physical, verbal and cyber to name a few. 675 more words


Long term effects of bullying

Bullying only effects you when your going through it.

The above statement is bullshit

What happens when you are the victim of childhood bullying

1 you have no self worth… 144 more words


AUDIO: Confession - Dad Won't Fight Other Father Of Bully

We had a father confess that he felt like wuss in front of his kid because he didn’t fight an intimidating father at his school. His kid was being bullied when both father’s showed up in the principal’s office things got heated. 59 more words