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I Am a Victim of Adult-Bullying

Lets take a minute to talk about bullies. You know who I am talking about. We have all experienced them. The kids who pushed you off of the swing in elementary school, and made fun of your haircut. 681 more words

Randomly Sad


The unpopular child

Circles above the rest

Turned bully to self-protect,

His wings are greasy,

His descent uneasy,

The vulture has no regrets

©Anthony Gorman… 8 more words


Face It

Leave your bully at the door,
forgive and forget the hurt.
Disarming without fighting,
careful to bless, not cripple,
have the courage to let go. 79 more words



(A drabble is a self-contained story of 100 words exactly.)

The other kids are laughing at me.

When everyone got superpowers after the accident, how come I got landed with… 224 more words


Bullying: Nobody Deserves It

I just recently read an article called “As Popularity Rises, So Does Risk of Being Bullied” by Michelle Healy. She states that “as students become more popular and climb the social hierarchy….they are at increased risk for gossip, harassment, and even physical attacks.” I know this to be true, but it’s upsetting to me that she focused on the popular kids. 416 more words


Group Documentary Treatment

Our documentary is about Paige’s struggles with her sexuality and coming out to family and friends. The story of Paige will not be linear, it will start with her telling her parents or friends. 243 more words

Documentary Production 261mc

Why we homeschool

“I homeschool because I have seen the village and I don’t want it raising my children” once a week I take Cadan to speech therapy at the public school. 385 more words