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Bully: A $2.2 Million Exercise in Perversion or Art?

Bully was controversial upon it’s release. Ex-child stars strut around basically nude, having sex, doing drugs, and nonchalantly committing violent crimes. But that was no surprise as it was the combined efforts of… 1,521 more words

The Wrong Crowd

How Society Encourages Bullying

Bullying is no longer in the mass media and has taken a back seat to other issues plaguing the United States, like Teacher Evaluations and Standardized Testing… 592 more words


Is Dropbox The New Mozilla?

As a follow up to last week’s post about the politically correct bullying of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, this caught my eye earlier this week: 530 more words

Leaning Left

Marble Snatchers

Here we were , three of use, Roach, Smakarootii and me, we were playing a hotly contested game of marbles. We were only eight years old, all of us small and skinny. 531 more words


I hate classrooms,

they box you in

then they’ll ask,

‘ why you don’t fit in ‘

{ kirsty.L }


The Bully Virus

A man walked into the flu. He said, “Let’s forget this ever happened, shall we?” “@#$% you,” the flu replied and proceeded to ruin the man’s weekend. 26 more words


So I thought it was important to talk a little about respect. I read an article yesterday about a special education student that was being picked on, and decided to record the bullying in order to prove to the principal and his own mother that he was telling the truth. 340 more words