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There are many weakling in every place.

When I was young,

I saw my friend facing the bully everyday.

He was suffered from many tricks. 167 more words


Speak To Masquerading

It has come to my attention that junior high changes people. Instead of it being a place to gain knowledge and participate in school spirit, it’s a place where cliques form gradually and people treat each other with status. 415 more words


Fear of Speaking Aloud

Many of us reason that if we can’t do a job without risking failure, it’s better not to try so hard – to choose mediocrity – so we can live with ourselves….Others live in the extreme of mediocrity not because they are afraid but, truth be told, because they simply don’t want to work all hard. 555 more words

Wyatt Earp

The next installment of how the Legends play came to be starts with our Wyatt Earp, Dave Stuve. Dave has been an old west fan since he was kid growing up on TV westerns like Wyatt Earp with Hugh O’Brien. 304 more words


Lately in the past two weeks I have seen so many articles about Fat Shaming. Partially because of the appalling outcome of the Ursula Doll, that has a small waist and is not representative of the voluptuous character that Disney created.   482 more words

An Encounter with the Quackers

The day was turning out to be boring as hell. Getting something productive done seemed to be impossible at this point. The laptop wasn’t working. There was nothing even remotely interesting on the telly. 540 more words

From a work in progress

Andre was fourteen when he and his mother moved them Brooklyn New York. He did not talk much nor, did not try to make any friends. 623 more words