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Sex is Icky and Love Sucks: Part Two

After middle school, I enrolled, at the insistence of my mother, in an all-girls Catholic high school. I quickly discovered that it was just another version of middle school, with one exception – now there were two reasons for me to feel alienated. 343 more words



I squeeze my eyes shut as tears roll down my face without control. It is only 6 a.m. and my pillow is already damp with my tears. 929 more words


You Are Nothing But a Bully!!!!




What is the point

What do you prove

How sad and alone

For the things that you do


Where are the parents

Where is the school… 136 more words


I Used To Be You

I came into the school and sat down in the back of the class. Kids came and went and found their seats. I sat by myself, feeling shy, the outcast.  920 more words

Short Story

Bullied for a lifetime

I was bullied as a child. Pretty much all through elementary school. Over 20 years later, the effects of having been bullied continues. The biggest effect, is that now that the bullies are gone, I’ve taken over that role myself. 173 more words


Erica Fae's story

Erica describes her battle with grade school bullying  depression and the aftermath of a rape she encountered in her second year of college.


Cyber bullying victim speaks in presentation.

Being cyber bullied on a TV show has inspired Loren Heaphy to encourage others to not engage in comments made by strangers.

Heaphy, who was one half of the Tom and Loz team from The Block NZ TV show last year, spoke about her experiences in a Pecha Kucha presentation at the Winter Music Festival in Nelson. 48 more words