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A Victory For The Bullies

I was going to make a colourful post titled “I Could Have Been Your Friend” but I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait. While going through my Google Alerts on bullying, I read about an event that has me spitting bullets. 650 more words

Speak To Masquerading

It has come to my attention that junior high changes people. Instead of it being a place to gain knowledge and participate in school spirit, it’s a place where cliques form gradually and people treat each other with status. 415 more words


Niños Acosados o Intimidados por otros Niños Tienen Más Probabilidades de Hacerse Daño Ellos Mismos Cuando son Adolescentes

Estudio advierte que no hay una forma no perjudicial de acoso

Noticias Medicas de WebMD – Brunilda Nazario, MD

De acuerdo a un nuevo estudio, los niños que son acosados o intimidados en la primaria tienen casi cinco veces más probabilidades de hacerse daño cuando llegan a ser adolescentes. 525 more words


Recognising Psychological Abuse

The 21st century has opened up more information that women can draw upon due to the printing press, the Internet and the media (although, take a lot of what is presented to you on the television with a grain of salt). 555 more words


Court Deems Immunity Permissible in Bridge-gate

On April 9th, Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson gave the protection of the 5th amendment to those testifying to the New Jersey legislature’s investigative committee about the Bridge-gate scandal.   247 more words