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23. Be Part Of A Comprehensive Response

Bullying Awareness Week (Nov 16-22) just wrapped up. Were you aware of this year’s messages? Do you know more about bullying than you did in the week before that? 345 more words


22. The Bystanders

The Bystanders. Who are they exactly? Looking back on Post #21 it’s all of us for many things in society. Everything is not our interest and many things are… 364 more words



What Are the Symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder?
People with PPD are always on guard, believing that others are constantly trying to demean, harm, or threaten them. 178 more words


I found this description of a sociopath on Wikihow, you will note that it not only describes what a sociopath really is, but also how to deal with one who is making your life hell. 68 more words

21. Someone Else's Problem?

If you are reading this you most likely found it through social media. The vast amount of information coming our way today makes it very hard to focus on things outside our immediate area of interest. 385 more words


Delusions of Grandeur and Narcissism

A delusion of grandeur is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of… 321 more words

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20. The School System

Bullying is a behaviour which occurs in many settings. When it concerns children the epicenter of where bullying is noticed is within the school system. Every day teachers, administrators and the entire school system identify bullying behaviour and offer support to those who are targeted. 354 more words