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How can people have so much hate in their hearts?

I’ve been reading Fark.com daily since about 2004 and Reddit for quite a while as well. Everyone that knows me well, knows that I’m a news/current events junkie and both sites help me get my fix. 703 more words

Bullying survey

Have you got primary school aged children? Do you live in Australia? If yes then please help by taking part in this survey. Don’t forget to share… 7 more words

You are ALWAYS Needed

I just sat and held my 7 year old for 45 minutes while he cried and told me he didn’t feel “needed”. My heart broke. After peeling several layers back I came to the root of his problem. 160 more words


Keep me ill?

I can’t live or talk

I’ll be right there

In your control


You are good at that

Tell them all

Say “She’s unwell”

You like to keep… 124 more words

Just My Thoughts

Poor Palestine.... I mean West Bank and Gaza.

A young child is caught drawing on the wall with a permanent marker. He (or she) is caught by the parents and punished. The punishment is light, the young child doesn’t know any better. 573 more words


I haven’t blogged in awhile as my life has been extremely hectic and I really thought I was going to lose my grandmother there for awhile but thankfully I did not. 982 more words