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A Tale of YouTube Comments, Trolls, and Classic Bullies.

I recently watched an interview of the Irish musician Hozier, in which he compared the YouTube comments section to a public bathroom’s graffiti’d walls. If you don’t understand what that means, well, have a look for yourself – the YouTube comments sections are nothing short of the dirt you could live without reading, because if you do it will be one more thing that you just don’t need to have in your heads. 775 more words


Do You Take Things Personally?

How people behave reflect their issues. How you react reflect yours.

I can have quite a temper and sometimes I get reactive when I feel unfairly criticised or judged. 215 more words


Why I'm going overseas to study (part 2)

By going overseas, ill leave behind so many people that are important to me.

At the same time, I’m leaving behind my troubles, the negativity and getting away from the problem. 1,960 more words

Standing Up to Your Bully

This is my story about being bullied. More importantly it is my story about overcoming it, how it changed me, how I grew from it and how my experiences changed my life. 3,673 more words

About The Author

Overzealous nature and imperfections.

I, like so many before me have a life filled with many different ups and downs, every single day.

From a young age I faced physical and mental bullying from a number of sources, and it shattered my confidence – or what little bit existed at that time. 752 more words


The struggle of having anxiety and outgoing friends

It’s really hard going in public with outgoing friends when you struggle with anxiety. I have struggled with pretty severe social anxiety for most of my life. 393 more words

Bette A. Stevens Book Blog Tour- Dog Bone Soup!

I am thrilled to be part of Bette A. Steven’s Blog Tour for her new book, Dog Bone Soup! Best wishes for much success, Bette! … 1,082 more words