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Words...Once Spoken Cannot Be Retrieved

There’s a story of a woman who approached her pastor to get some counsel on her unruly tongue. She had a terrible gossiping problem and a habit of talking people down. 433 more words

Chris Christie Loses Temper With Protester

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Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey seems to forget that he is answerable to the citizens of his state.  At a public event in front of the cameras he made this abundantly clear. 227 more words


Ambitious Aspie: Making her Way Through Milestones

I appreciate my will to overcome social obstacles, such making conversation with students when I find it difficult to not worry if I will be able to sustain our connection within those moments. 705 more words

Asperger Syndrome

The ways i coped with bullies...

Everyone has been bullied at one point in their lives, yet people still feel ashamed or embarrassed when it happens to them. It may happen at school, in public, at work or sadly at home. 311 more words

Amanda Todd Tribute

Today I was in Edmonton getting my passport and paying some bills when I saw this painting on the tailgate of a pick- up. It was of/for Amanda Todd, I thought it was wonderful and I wanted to share it here, so I took a picture.

RIP little miss Todd🌺


#ThrowbackThursday -- "On Insecurity"

There has been a lot of insecurity going around in my life recently — in my head, in friends’ lives, in conversations I’ve had with them, etc — so when I was scrolling through my notes to pick one for this Throwback Thursday, naturally this one jumped out at me. 1,188 more words

Facebook Notes

Poems pt.2

These are a selection of poems I found on the internet, these peoms either had me crying or/and applauding them.

Also here is a link to my previous post of poems http://eyeofadreamer.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/poems/