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The #30DaysofBookstagrams Challenge

I’m horrible at these 30 Day challenges, but I think they’re so much fun that I’m going to keep on trying them! This one is the #30daybookstagram challenge.  155 more words


Newsnight Waldorf School Segement

Last night BBC’s Newsnight included a short segment about Waldorf Schools. It’s quite interesting and I for one am hoping that it helps to spark more debate about not only Waldorf Schools but also Anthroposophy in general.  14 more words


Operation Promise to take on bullies

You’re ugly, you’re weird, and you’re going to be beaten up by a kid who has dedicated their life to ruining yours. Sound familiar? Maybe not if you were the bully. 144 more words

What Is Wrong With Asking Questions?

When something pisses me off, I write. So, I write, what is wrong with asking questions?

Irony. People who are made fun of for asking questions, make fun of others for asking questions, who again make fun of others for asking questions. 417 more words


Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Combat Bullying

Bullying is used to take back power and control. Children without solid family structures at home (bullies and their victims) often have low self-esteem. They think their family situation is their fault. 189 more words


Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Geek girl Mandy is depressed. She is being bullied by the mean girls in the school just because of her elderly parents and babyish clothes, and no-one can make her happy.  61 more words

Doing the Right Thing

As we wrote in a previous post, some petty criminals have launched a campaign against a local business owner, destroying and stealing the signs for her business. 229 more words

Bear River Nova Scotia