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Mean Girls and Heartbreak

I stood pushed against the corner of the cold  brick school yard wall, there were so many kids surrounding me I couldn’t even see who was in the crowd. 1,412 more words

Thoughts On Life

The World, part 2. Consciousness.

I look back to a time when my mind was silent, there was no constant jabbering, the inner monologue penetrating my every futile attempt at calm. 386 more words


Twist Arms - Lose Friends

You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s latest scam, going after performers who don’t use their legal names on the site. Yes, it’s a scam to get money, so I’m calling it how I see it. 875 more words

Social Issues

Sibling bullying may cause bad health

Sibling bullying may lead to bad health, according to a study in the UK.

A study with 7000 people was conducted in the UK and shows that children would suffer from anxiety, depression and self harm if bullied by their brothers and sisters. 99 more words


Parents: Son Committed Suicide Because Of Bullying

ORLANDO (CBSMiami) — The family of a young Florida boy, who took his own life because he was the victim of bullying, is heartbroken and spoke to the media for the first time. 370 more words


Bullying at Florida School Led to Boy's Suicide, Mother Says

 Bullying and targeting are one in the same, unfortunately many children are the victims of bullying at school with no help from the school system.  Teachers and other school staff have been known to be involved in targeting children.  392 more words


“Bully Busters”... The Power of Theatre…

So I read the report that confirmed I was right! Luton is OFFICIALLY the worst airport in Britain (see previous Blog from Luton to Goa…) 891 more words