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Mommy, Help Me!

The worst pain for a parent is to lose a child. So how does one react when they discover the life-less body of their son in his room? 1,332 more words


Harcèlement à l’école: la loi impuissante?

Le harcèlement est présent dans toutes les cours de récréation et fait partie de la vie quotidienne de certains enfants. Mais comment faire pour les protéger quand il n’existe aucune loi, aide, ou soutien ? 828 more words


Imperfect Assumptions | A Struggle Unseen

Today’s poem is one of my favorites, despite the dark cloud that hangs over it. I remember my high school speech teacher admiring my poems because they not only described a struggle, but came to a resolution. 1,018 more words


Guest Post: "Why Gender Identity? Why Now?" by Connie Dunn

I am honored and excited to continue this week of highlighting two ground-breaking children’s books in the areas of gender and sexual orientation identities (two topics dear to my heart since my doctoral research centered on them) by giving you a chance to meet another author and get to know her work: … 1,653 more words


GeekLife: The Geeks for Geeks Anti-Massacree Movement

It would be a hideous omission if I did not tell you all that I love the works of Arlo Guthrie. I like his cadence, his word selection, his accent, and just about every little thing that makes his presentation so very folksy, heart-warming, and funny-bone tickling. 1,361 more words


It's a happy sad time to be a geek

Back when I was a child the word “geek” was an insult. Pure and simple. The geeks where the unattractive, smelly, asthma crippled, acne riddled, loner kids that everyone thought were “weird” and “probably going to be serial killers”. 776 more words

When will there be Peace?

There are now so many images on social media, and so many good images, well worth sharing, I am unable to share them all there. So, I will share them here. 128 more words

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