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I Bully You Because...(2)

Guest contributor: Shaun Harris

I bully you because you’re weak. Because you’re short, tall, fat, or skinny. I bully you because you’re strong, black, white, Asian, Mexican, or foreign. 496 more words


Racial bullying may have pushed 13-year-old Emilie Grace Olsen to suicide

13-year-old Emilie Grace Olsen fatally shot herself in her bedroom.

Angry Asian Man:

Tragic news out of southwest Ohio, where a 13-year-old girl was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. 275 more words


Fantino "Failed Upwards" - Remind you of anyone in the RCMP Senior Ranks???

There is an article in today’s Hill Times about Fantino and how his career “failed upwards” as he wreaked havoc on evey police force he was in charge of. 48 more words


Sony Pictures needs to American-up

This is not a political blog but I had to exercise my right to free speech and speak out about the bullying from hackers on Americans. 445 more words


Depression, conflict with parents play big role in teen suicides, new Toronto study finds

The heart-wrenching suicides of bullying victims Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons thrust bullying into the nation’s consciousness.

But new research suggests bullying is among the least common factors contributing to the tragedy of teen suicide. 840 more words


Week 36: Bullying my little sister

This week, my sister complained – COMPLAINED – that she has yet to feature in my blog. I was set on writing one of those lovey-dovey posts about how much I adore her and how we are so connected because we grew up together yadeeyadah, but then I realised that the best memories I have with my sister are those in which I was bullying her for my own entertainment. 373 more words


Those Who Hate

If somebody hates you for no reason

It’s definitely themselves they’re displeased in

So carry on with life, just do you

And without a doubt, you’ll get through. 106 more words