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Exit strategy

As the final minutes of the session drew near, I watched the hands of the clock intently, giving mental sounds to each tick of the second hand. 301 more words


How We View OurSelves: Mom Knows best

It’s funny how one day you wake up and think to yourself, “it’s finally happened. I know exactly what my mom was talking about.” Over the span of basically forever, I’ve heard my mom say how she wishes she was as fat as she thought she was when she was young. 582 more words

Nebraska School’s Utterly Ludicrous Flyer Message: "9 Rules For Bullying Victims"

Nebraska School’s ‘Ludicrous’ Advice for Bullying Victims Sparks Parent Outrage — Read the 9 Rules Here | TheBlaze.com.

Unbelievable stupidity shown by this school’s administration in handing out & sending home flyers like the one seen in the image above….Has to be the most idiotic advice given that I’ve seen in a while, especially considering it was advice offered by the so-called educated leaders of children. 25 more words


Program Teaches Girls To Stand Strong Against Bullying

OAK PARK (WWJ) – Standing up and standing strong against bullying — that’s the message for a group of girls at one Ferndale Public School. … 321 more words



So I thought it was important to talk a little about respect. I read an article yesterday about a special education student that was being picked on, and decided to record the bullying in order to prove to the principal and his own mother that he was telling the truth. 340 more words

When I said my blog could be about anything, I really meant anything....

This past week has been very crazy… I think some things have really irritated me. Actually it has always irritated me. This subject would be bullying. 329 more words

College Girl

Twisted Thursday...... Jews Ordered to ‘Register’ in Donetsk, Ukraine

This from The Jewish Press and also reported in USA Today:

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 279 more words