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Farage "26 million Europeans are coming to look at your bum"

A yes vote in a future referendum to stay in Europe could mean 26 million Europeans arriving at our shores with the sole intention of having a good look at your bum, according to United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. 233 more words



As a straight girl, I find the female body so much more attractive – that’s got to say something. It’s curvaceous and smooth, the round bottom and sinuous boobs giving the desired hourglass figure. 145 more words



Math is not my forte but does it have to be so boring? I try so hard to focus in this class but the word “algorithm” automatically shuts my mind down. 42 more words


Warm Bum

Happy days, feel the rays

It’s timeĀ for us to play

The weather’s warm, sun shining bright

Let’s make some fun today

Shall we climb aboard a sunbeam… 20 more words


Does My Bum Look Big in This?

It’s the question men most hate to be asked (closely followed by ‘do you love me?‘)

Now, though, instead of lying, guys, just tell the woman in your life she .


Holy Monday: PRIDE

(Originally composed last April 14,2014)

I just got back from an interview today. Initial. Means that you just get asked about your family background, a bit about your education. 646 more words


Pushing through the pain and hoping your best is good enough

So it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Far too long in fact. However life and training have continued. Weeks have gone quickly and the world coal carrying championships is now only 5 days away. 773 more words