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No Rest For The Homeless

Never aspire to be homeless, no matter how tough your living situation may be at the moment or how tough you think you are or how you imagine roughing it to be some sort of grand adventure. 633 more words




Have it –

It’s another tiny piece of me,


Complete downfall


To add too your collection


I will break off the final piece of my spine, for you… 69 more words


Uranus, or Your Anus

The old grey-haired doctor that I’ve been visiting for many years recently retired and I now have a new – slightly younger model called Dr. Fox. 609 more words


Me and My Fat Ass

This morning, I bent to pick something up and the central ass seam of my favourite jeans ripped. Thanks a lot, fat ass.

I know this happens to the best of us. 119 more words


From Henry

Foolish child,
You foolish little girl –
Look what you have done

It’s all over the floor!

Who will pick up the pieces?
Who will sew the blood? 102 more words



implausible news
of a malfunctioning left buttock
has me stretching
inaccessible areas
contorting limbs
and looking in surprise
at the feebleness
of my efforts
and it hurts… 105 more words

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