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Crazy Asian lady fights crazy bum on MUNI bus

First off, I’ve never been more afraid for someone than when the bum said, “You threaten my life….I’ll break your fucking jaw,” but to have the courage to come back with “You threaten your own life!” was nothing short of amazing. 118 more words


Today I finally achieved Zen since my accident. It was a lovely warm day and I was feeling good. I pushed 4 mile then 5 then almost 6 with no significant pain. 71 more words

The Survivor: A Poem Published in Burningword Literary Journal

I wrote this poem for my (Mostly) American Prose Poetry class, taught by Peter Shippy, at Emerson College in the spring of 2014.


Published Work

Cheeky Prejudice

I used to spread em’ and see what my asshole looked like in the bathroom mirror. I was comparing myself to gay pornstars. I had lost a lot of shame at that point. 85 more words