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When Life Hands You Lemons...

I frequent a lot of BumGenius B/S/T groups on Facebook. A lot. I’ve never really been burned by any purchases I’ve made on any of them, and I’ve bought a *lot* of diapers. 615 more words


Why Cloth?

During my pregnancy, I’ve debated between using cloth diapers and disposables.  Now if you’ve never seen cloth diapers in the recent years, take a deep breath before you start saying how gross this is.   965 more words


DIY: The BumGenius Easters.

These are the BumGenius “Easters.” They were released around Easter of 2009 in a limited run. They are the rarest of all rare diaper sets in the known universe. 308 more words


Cloth Diapers: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I used cloth diapers for my firstborn, 6 years ago.  I remember happily purchasing my first 18 BumGenius pocket diapers, and setting off on my cloth diapering adventure.  1,310 more words

Catch the Moment 365-week 1

I’m super excited to start this project. Hopefully with everything that will be going on this year (a move to South Dakota,and going back to school) I’ll be able to stick with it. 65 more words

Canon 60d

Wanted: Diapers for infants

“To help deal with the expenses, Luttrell sought help from the Infant Crisis Center, 4224 N. Lincoln Blvd. The center provides basic necessities such as formula, baby and toddler food, diapers, blankets and clothing to more than 14,000 babies and toddlers through age 4 in central Oklahoma each year.” 23 more words

Baba Me Mystery Nappy Box

Baba Me sprang a surprise on their facebook group last week in the form of mystery nappy boxes. Each box would contain 3 Bumgenius nappies with 20% off the price and a small toy. 383 more words

Cloth Nappies