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TSC100 | Loners

Not all of these artists were/are loners but each one of these songs wields the power to make you feel like one. For one hour, shut out the outside world and revel in glorious isolation. 12 more words


The Last Bookstore

I know, I know and I’ve been told and asked “why do you still read “real” books?” my answer is simple; I don’t enjoy reading on my iPad :) I did try and I always end up closing it and opening my Facebook and instgram account instead and worst, online shopping haha. 1,127 more words


Funky Clunky


Bwuh.  I’ve been in a sort of creative funk the last couple weeks or so – you know the type that comes on the other side of finding awesome things, admiring others’ work to the point where all your own ideas start to taste bland and unexciting for a while, getting caught in a hyperanalytical loop trying to isolate the elements of whatever made this or that so effective? 54 more words


08.10.14–Bad week–08.16.14


Am I wrong.

for thinking we could be something for real.

So if you’ve been following along you know I’m seeing a guy named Taylor. He’s really nice and I thought we were really starting to like each other. 319 more words

One step back...

So, i am back driving the van. Yesterday, while out painting curbs, the Stratus’ tranny began acting up. We had gone to buy more paint and in the way back to the neighborhood were working, stopped shifting past 2nd gear. 75 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat