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Didn't Get That Job...

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what’s going on with me and where I’m at in my life at the moment… and frankly, I’m just not happy. 1,123 more words


The Most Expensive Deer

After hunting all day Saturday and until 4 on Sunday, I load the family up and drive the 6 hours home.  At the 5 hour 50 minute mark, about 11:30 at night, out jumps a buck from the oncoming traffic lane and waylays my SUV.   190 more words


Sulky Boy - "French Kiss"

Based on the two songs that make up his Soundcloud account,  Sulky Boy seems to have picked just the right moniker for his beautifully-bummed-out tunes. 117 more words


Some of You News Makers... Have Let Me Down

Some people and some things have kind of let me down lately, so much so that I have a Letdown List I’d like to go over with you.

Closing Comments

WHAT SUCKS TODAY - People Who Don't Get Back to You!

Yeah, I know, this complaint is older than dirt. But I still hate the fact that soooo many people simply ignore your phone calls, e- or snail mails.  198 more words

Sour Conditions

We Moved 3 Times In 6 Months

So it went kinda like this.

Move #1

Left the mobile home and moved to the log home in March.  Spent 5.5 wonderful months there. 495 more words


A Haiku About A Mirror.

It’s a bummer when

it’s everyone else’s fault

but your own. Grow up.