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We Moved 3 Times In 6 Months

So it went kinda like this.

Move #1

Left the mobile home and moved to the log home in March.  Spent 5.5 wonderful months there. 495 more words


A Haiku About A Mirror.

It’s a bummer when

it’s everyone else’s fault

but your own. Grow up.


Choosing the Sun

For the very first time in the whole of 2014, I am free!

I have completed my contract with Ravenous Romance, have no other deadlines awaiting me and am essentially a free agent author with a fantastic literary agent as my wingman. 166 more words


Fall out

It’s fall break so I have Luna the whole week. So far we have ordered pizza, gone to the science center, shopped at Michael’s, carved pumpkins and made foot kids concoctions. 696 more words

Shoulders Are A Huge Bummer & Hip Openers Rock

Tricky week this week. I started out strong with my practice early in the week. But I found that my previously injured shoulder started getting a bit “sharp” feeling. 261 more words


Day 55 Year 2

It is liberating not to have a workplace and yet I have to visit my previous employers on the same day. What a bummer!


Throwback Thursday and Some Thoughts on Cleaning Out

The date was July 7, 1954, my mother and father’s wedding day.  This photograph, of all of them, is my favorite.  All the players are there, both of my grandfathers are looking on with smiles on their faces.   195 more words