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Never Forgotten

This picture brings insight into how surfing can have its ups and down.  Whether there are no good waves or something like, the picture, where the current was strong enough that ones board breaks.   216 more words


It isn't very common, take a listen: Aggressive Traffic Driver

My favorite song I’ve discovered recently, is from Bummer a electronica dj who is on the cusp of doing some great things in this year. Bummer delivers catchy riffs, sticky hooks and leads that are spot on. 74 more words


I’ve gotten pretty good over the last two months at not having much in the way of cravings. Occasionally, I’ll want to stop at one of my favorite coffee shops and buy not only a nice coffee but a handmade donut. 446 more words


Bummer for Greenpeace

Not even the environmentalist always make right choices. Greenpeace had an action, according to DN, in South Peru and tey made sours on the grounds that will last for a long time on a cultural heritage. 77 more words


Finals Ruin Christmas Spirit: Lamentations of a Lazy College Student

I am amidst the glory of the infamous finals week, which I have been preparing for since never. Since I decided to not prepare, I’ve been spending my Sunday nights cramming in speech outlines, five page research papers, journal entries (yikes), studying, yadda yadda yadda, I know everyone is familiar with the final procrastinations of finals, so I won’t go in to detail and act like my cases are definitely the worst and most impressive, because they are not. 178 more words


I’m bummed out. Why am bummed out? Because maybe this (writing) is a dumb idea. Maybe I should just become a witch.

WTF Wednesdays

This is the initial message…which was followed with ‘bummer’ a few days later when I did not reply.


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