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A General Feeling Of Worthlessness.


It’s been a weird month. On the one hand, I’ve been playing open mics at this one bar often enough that I’ve started to get to know the people who frequent it. 820 more words


The Witch of Portobello

Athena, such a strong name. My book this summer or month of July. So sad, for the past four months I don’t remember finishing one book. 217 more words


Delay in Process

So due to technical difficulties there was a problem with the audio during recording last week meaning the entirety of the conversation with our MBM mystery guest is gone. 16 more words

Third Annual Really Sad Day

For the third consecutive year we are celebrating the Really Sad Day. By celebrating I really mean we are bummed out majorly.

The kids are leaving for a week at camp today. 126 more words


Ramblings: An Obituary for My Cat

I deal with grief in a number of ways. The top few involve ugly crying, copious amounts of chocolate, humour and writing it out. Thus, A Really Long Cat Obituary. 696 more words


Just A Letter For You

At least that’s how I’m starting it. You know by now my mind makes great leaps between ideas that, to most, don’t make much sense. To me, I don’t understand how you cannot see the threads that tie them together. 843 more words