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The dawn breaks
The man wakes
He gets up from the dream
Inside the doorway
That has been his bed.
He stretches
He retches… 128 more words


Angry Ships

I figured that if I downed the whole bottle, the anger would be smothered, buried far away. So I tried. It was shit beer, but it had an alcohol content, and that was nice. 769 more words

Bums Are Huge Right Now

With so much in the media right now concerning disaster and war (or more accurately, warmongering), it seems like the perfect time for a little light relief. 552 more words

Media Trash

Jeans ...and the struggle

Like many women in the world finding the perfect pair of jeans or a even an everyday pair of jeans is a never ending struggle, especially if you are the voluptuous woman,  I personally in my 21 years of life have only ever found one brand of jeans to suit my figure that I feel fully comfortable in and those are from New Look they are called super soft skinny jeans and I’m telling you these were sent from heaven the only problem is now they seem to be discontinuing them!

33 more words

The Changing Shape of Women...

This is more a personal inspired post, but I have to admit one that came to light after a conversation with a friend about my figure and the clothes that I choose to wear. 436 more words


The life of a hobo

Let’s face it, there is an element of sympathy for a soul who lives ‘on the rails’ as it were; no place to call home, feeding on others leftovers, not owning a pillow, no steady job, an unfortunate identity, a ‘nobody,’ sloppy in appearance, somewhat odorous, no phone, no address, and most sadly of all, no true family. 1,197 more words


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Nicki Minaj is wonderful. Fuck you.

So when Nicki Minaj released her Anaconda video the other week I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people condemning her, it was ridiculous. Girls slut shaming her, while male white nights took some sort of moral stance on it. 220 more words