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Hong Kong Part 2: Little sketchbook

More drawings from HK! Because why not. I always take a little sketchbook around with me so I can draw quickly if I spot something funny or odd, where it would be impractical to sit down with a big book.  147 more words


Uke News for Dec

Lots of festive fun

Jams, Performances and Events for your diary!

Here’s a quick run down of events around Brisbane from BUMS and friends of BUMS  just so you don’t miss any of the FUN! 204 more words

Latest News

Wearing sweatpants/pajamas in public- a new trend; theories, attitudes, solutions

A friend of mine, named Ken, commented that when he sees someone wearing pajamas in public, he is grossed out.  An acquaintance stated that Ken was being judgmental. 360 more words


Down in the Dumps over my Derrière

I have a sneaking suspicion that my butt is becoming flatter. Not falling, just transitioning from 3D to 2D. I blame it on all the sitting I’ve been doing recently; in cars, on buses, on planes. 365 more words


Day 24: Customer Service

Sometimes I feel like this city is so demanding. Some days everyone seems to be only thinking of themselves, doing everything it takes to get what they want, even at the expense of others. 475 more words


A Poem about Bums

New Poem…

Bums bums bums. Am meant to be booking trains for tour and editing a new poetry collection but instead I’m thinking about bums. So thought I’d share. 685 more words

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