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How am I going to Australia? How did I do it?

A lot of people have been asking me these questions, so here I am writing this post for you lovely lot!

Firstly, it all started off when I visited my local… 346 more words


The Final Week

My flight is in seven days. Seven. That’s merely a week until I leave gloomy England (where, incidentally, it is currently raining whilst I write this). 491 more words


The Build-Up to Departure

Wow, a third blog. This feels a tad excessive but I’d rather have a completely separate blog for my new life (plus I have to keep the prying eyes of my family away from my other blog). 418 more words


Patience is a virtue...

…Virtue is a grace,
Grace is a little girl who wouldn’t wash her face!

I do like that little rhyme :)

Apologies to all those named Grace however, I’m sure you do wash your faces! 671 more words


The decision to go...

31 days into 2014, the standard “how time flies” and “how is it February tomorrow?!” comments were rolling around, and I was reflecting on the New Years resolutions I had set myself. 357 more words


Canada is finally on the horizon!

Last October I decided to book up with BUNAC for their Work Canada programme. Canada is a place I’ve always wanted to visit so I decided to bite the bullet and move their…for a year at least. 416 more words