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Caught In The (Bunday) Act!

(Say like Kirk:)

“The banana bandit, Sir Lancelot (aka Lance) caught in the act.” -Amy K.

*Bonus Bongo Feet Added by Stunbunneh request.

http://cuteoverload.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/bongo-feet-and-zip-1.mp3 10 more words

It's Missing The Little Button Tag On The Ear-

-Otherwise I would swear this has to be a Steiff™. Bunderful photo from Flickerer Jannes P.

The Disapproval Mothership Has Landed

“Hello C.O. I’m so happy to send you a picture of my rabbit Monsieur Bunny celebrating Nosevember in a ray of sunshine with a good dose of disapproving because you have to keep true to yourself, right? 26 more words

Bunday Selfie Of Disapproval!

“Our female bunny, Duffy takes a selfie as Benson plays with leaves in the background. From Kevin & Ann.”

Too Early For Nosevember....

…..but perfect for Bunday! “Hello!! Just wanted to send you some pics of my bunny, Gracen. She’s been on your site once before and we would love to see her on there again. 24 more words

Welcome to Fort Bunday

In order to get in, you’ll need the secret password, plus two forms of photo ID, a letter of reference from the finance minister of Sri Lanka, an exceedingly rare Pokemon “Bunnzilla” card, a three-and-a-half leaf clover, and a carrot.

Via C_ossett.