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Hey Writers: Wanna Bundle With Me?

So there’s this not-so-new idea of selling story bundles, and since I’m always somewhere like two years behind the curve on most trends, I got the idea that I might try and create a story bundle with another writer. 45 more words


The best deals on Steam games aren't on Steam

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pretty big advocate for Steam as my game library of choice. Despite my wallet falling victim to the major Summer, Autumn, and Winters Sales, there are plenty of year-round deals for games that activate on Steam if you know where to look. 946 more words

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haproxy ssl certificate

When using haproxy for SSL termination, create the SSL certificate concatenating all certs in this order:

  1. First the .crt
  2. Then the bundle
  3. Then the .key file…
  4. 18 more words

'Titanfall Deluxe Edition' Available For PC, Xbox One Coming Next Week

The complete Titanfall experience is now available through Origin, with the new “Deluxe Edition” digital bundle. 122 more words