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Chloe Bakes: Orange and Poppyseed Bundt Cake

It was our turn on cake Wednesday this week, so Sophie and I baked individually for the Star Baker title of the week. We have been referred to as works very own Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (Soph wasn’t best please with being Paul!), although the department had a very good homebaked turn out for some good competition! 94 more words


Brown Sugar Pound Cake

This is a winner! Moist, flavorful, beautiful, tall bundt cake with toffee bits, pecan pieces, and caramel sauce. This cake might almost make you forget about chocolate! 222 more words


Vegan Chocolate Delight

Hello and good afternoon!

I’d firstly like to apologise for my lack of posting this week, time has been a flighty creature and I seem to have let it flit away from me without realising! 581 more words


Banana Gingerbread

My poor husband is home sick with the flu. He is not one to get sick, so it took a nasty fever to keep him down. 349 more words

Divine Desserts

Orange Whiskey Bundt Cake

Who’s ready to get a little tipsy over dessert? I know I am. Just kidding! Don’t worry, although there will be alcohol in this cake, however, the alcohol is cooked off all there is left is the strong, bitter flavor that is paired of nicely with the sweet, citrus orange.  369 more words


{Recipe} Lemon Bundt Cake

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since I put recipes on here and I’m really sorry about that! This week has been hectic: I’ve been out a lot and school is starting soon. 272 more words


Coffee Bundt Cake

If you are on a diet, be wary of eating this cake!! Don’t avoid it, it’s too nice to do that! Just have a small piece!! 401 more words