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Halo, Destiny composer fired "without cause"

Halo series and Destiny composer Martin ‘Marty’ O’Donnell is no longer working for Bungie, and he claims the studio’s directors fired him “without cause” last Friday, April 11. 150 more words


Destiny and Halo composer Martin O'Donnell Terminated "Without Cause"

Halo series composer terminated “Without cause”

Earlier this afternoon Martin O’Donnell, composer on the Halo series and Bungie’s latest title Destiny, tweeted that he was terminated last week April 11th by Bungie’s Board of Directors. 69 more words


Bungie terminates long-time composer Marty O'Donnell

Marty O’Donnell, Bungie’s longtime veteran composer has been terminated by Bungie’s Board of Directors on April 11th, 2014. O’Donnell joined Bungie in 1999 after composing the music for both Myth and Oni. 213 more words

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Legendary Halo Composer, Marty O'Donnell was "terminated without cause" by Bungie's Board

Confirmed on Twitter Today By Marty O’Donnell Himself

Marty O’Donnell best known for composing the Halo theme has been fired by Bungie as stated by him on social media today. 144 more words


Planets in Destiny are same size as Halo: Reach

Portuguese site UOL Jogos has published an interview with Engineering Lead at Bungie, Christian Diefenbach, in which he states that each planet location in Destiny… 302 more words


Ps4 "greatness" hinges on their games and network!

Destiny, we have all seen the graphics and heard about the greatness of this game. The game will have exclusive content for the ps4. Content that is said to never be released for a Microsoft system. 450 more words

Examination: Dawn A Study of Similarities

Lord Of Admirals Breaks Down the unnoticed relations Halo 4′s opening level “Dawn” has with its predecessors in the previous Games.