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Are Halo 3's Graphics Better In The Master Chief Collection?

Watch the video above from GamesHQMedia and judge for yourself if Halo 3 looks better in the upcoming Master Chief Collection. 343 Industries says that the game will be running at 1080p and 60fps but does it really look any better? 238 more words

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Video Game Tuesday: Destiny and what I want in the full game

So for this Video Game Tuesday, since I’m drawing up empty on recent games that I’ve played, and since my computer is uttering it’s death rattle; I’m going to talk about what I want from the full game of┬áDestiny. 585 more words

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Dingo's six survival tips 1. Pace yourself During my run through of the beta, I found myself caught in the middle of a battle between the Hive and the Fallen. With bullets flying on all sides and waves comprising of Fallen Captains, Hive Wizards and cloaked Vandals snipers popping up all over the place, I found that the best tactic for combat was to take our time, and under no circumstances get drawn out into the middle of the map. As in Battlefield, spotting targets before bringing them down is vital - if you don't land the killing shot, an ally might. That said, always keep moving too, as enemies can often creep up on unaware players and those who dig in. 2. Stay alive, don't revive It's important to move between defensible points, just in case you're ambushed. Luckily there's usually plenty of cover dotted around Destiny's many locations, so make sure to use it to block off any heavy fire directed your way. One of the most important tips for scenarios like Strike mode, however, is this: if both your teammates are downed, resist the urge to rush in and revive them. Instead just focus on staying alive, as they'll respawn on their own after 30 seconds. 3. Scout ahead At times you'll find yourself up against larger, less mobile opponents, like the Devil Walker. When that happens, don't immediately duck behind cover, but try to scout around and get your bearings. Larger bosses are often accompanied by smaller respawning enemies, however, so watch your step. Searching the area before fully engaging with a boss will usually yield handy and otherwise easily overlooked items. You might also discover a secure vantage point from which to take down a few foes. 4. Spread out Whilst teamwork is obviously commendable, it's important to maintain a certain distance from your fellow Guardians. Many enemy attacks have a surprisingly wide radius, putting you all in danger of a total wipe-out. Instead of holding hands, spread out and try to cover one another as you alternate attacking, charging and reloading. Bigger enemies can only really target one area at a time, and they'll usually shoot for whichever Guardian they think is the biggest threat. So, take turns focusing fire and always making sure to stay out of line of sight whilst picking up ammo or other items. Don't do a Leeroy Jenkins and expect your teammates to pick up the slack. 5. Aim for the sweet spot If the Devil's Walker mini-boss fight is any indication, bosses in Destiny have specific weak spots that you can (but don't necessarily have to) target to bring them down faster. In the case of the Walker, it's the yellow spots on its knees, well the whole leg but use the knee lightsas a shot to get your bearings. Keep plugging away at those whilst avoiding the tank's devastating blasts and eventually, the Walker will stumble to reveal its glowing orange engine innards. At that point it's all about pulling out your heavy weapons, grenades and special attacks and going all out at it - you'll likely have to do this two or three times before the boss goes down for good. 6. Be weapon savvy As a Guardian, you'll have two available standard weapons to switch between with a tap of Y button. Holding down Y will equip your heavy weapon. Each of these weapons its own specific ammunition type, which is colour-coded so you can easily distinguish it on the battlefield. Heavy weapon bullets, for example, are purple. Any ammo you see is unique to your session, too, so don't worry about being greedy and just take what you need - other players won't be able to steal it while your back's turned. Well good luck Guardians - Dingo

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