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I Should Have Skipped Dessert

Living on the other side of the world from my mom, Donna, is hard. Thankfully someone invented mobile phones and Skype and the Internet so we can communicate 24-7. 632 more words


April 22nd - Ballina's Big Thing

There are a lot of Big tourist attractions around the world – Big Ben, Guitars, Teapots, but Ballina is home to the iconic Big Prawn. 170 more words

Browns Bay, Auckland

Today we took Dad to Browns Bay, a beach suburb on Auckland’s North Shore. Once upon a time it was a summer holiday destination for Aucklanders wanting to get away from the city, but as the city expanded geographically, it engulfed this pocket and turned it into another suburb of Auckland. 244 more words


Good Friday and Valparaiso.

Yesterday things were so quiet you could hear a sole pigeon flapping its wings on the main street. Good Friday is seen as a day of mourning and the usual clamour of shoppers and their trolleys had ceased. 748 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Adventures at Bunnings

Went to Bunnings today (Aussie Home Depot) for some Latex primer / sealer. I’m standing in the paint section. Scanning. Searching.
Bunnings Guy: “You going okay?” 80 more words

Let the works begin

Hi All,

Very excited to share our weekend with you. I feel like it’s a new chapter, even beginning.  The tenants have moved out and we have the keys! 116 more words

Corner Shelving

When we bought this house these shelves were already in place with an ugly pink undercoat which I’m surprised survived in my room for so long considering my childhood hatred of pink. 129 more words

Il Mare