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Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers 1970

following yesterday post, we wants to presents to you various documents regarding this time , the year 1970.

that year was important for the wailers, the barrett brothers joining the band. 453 more words

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Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers 1966

following yesterday post about 1965, we are going now by the year 1966.

we wants to say thanks to U, dear readers, during this month ,at a specific day into our special Peter Tosh celebration month, we do have reached more than 9.000 readers for a single article. 396 more words

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The Blackheart Man

Would I consider the reggae part of my collection complete without at least one LP from the legendary Bunny Wailer? Hell no. No, no, no, no, NO! 105 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

1965 Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers

hi dear readers,

we wanted to share with you, various documents, original adverts from the Kingston Gleaner 1965.

Those documents are helpfull to learn more not solely about Peter Tosh but also about the Wailing Wailers carreer. 298 more words

Roots And Culture

17 October 1970 Derrick Harriott Presents 'Singers Cavalcade'

Dear readers, not solely we do wants to honor mr Peter Tosh all this month,
but we wants you ALL to understand his very own… 136 more words

Roots And Culture

In Jamaica, Rastas ready for legal pot

Taking a deep draw on a pipe that glows with burning marijuana, reggae luminary Bunny Wailer gives a satisfied grin through a haze of aromatic smoke in his yard painted in the red, green, gold and black colours of his Rastafarian faith, Asutralia’s Sky News reports. 464 more words