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Vintage Ganja anthems!

From the MIDNIGHT RAVER bass-ment vinyl archives!

Michael Palmer “Collie Man”

Barrington Levy “Sensimilla”

Paul Hurlock “Some One Cut It Down”

The Wailers “Redder Than Red”

Bunny Wailer “Collieman”

Bob Marley

10 апреля в истории рок-музыки: День Рождение Банни Уэйлера, Мэтью Барлоу и не только

Прошло ровно 100 дней с начала 2014 года. В этот день свои дни рождения отмечают целая россыпь рок и метал музыкантов, о чем далее и пойдет речь. 

Этот день в истории метала


Robert Nesta Marley Booker, más conocido como Bob Marley, fue un músico y compositor jamaquino nacido un 6 de febrero de 1945 en un pueblo llamado Nine Mile perteneciente a la localidad o parroquia de Saint Ann. 329 more words


Beverly Kelso Gives The Wailers A Sound

One of the most commonly accepted inaccuracies in popular music is that there is one surviving Wailer, but that is not entirely true.

The surviving Wailer often referred to is Neville O’Riley Livingstone, better known as Bunny Wailer, but Beverley Kelso, a foundation and cornerstone member, is very much alive and well, living in Brooklyn, New York.  931 more words

Bunny Wailer - Rock'n'Groove (1981)

“A big hit among reggae enthusiasts on its first release in 1981, this collection of rerecorded classics (‘Another Dance’), early dancehall (‘Dance Ha Fi Gwan’), and irresistible originals (‘Ball Room Floor,’ ‘Dance Rock’), features the former Wailer at his conscious, rootsy best. 34 more words


Bunny Wailer Interview: "We didn't make this music for money."

Bunny Wailer Interview: “We didn’t make this music for money.”

Youth Consciousness : JA Xmas Day '82

Just found this tucked inside a file of vintage scribblings…. Xmas Day… Irie!

Words, Sound & Power