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White N' Fluffy Friend


Hudson likes to run in circles under the legs of the coffee table, making figure eights. It’s adorable. She got up to a pretty good clip last night, until she stops to nibble on something. 99 more words


Week Four: Unexpected Contentment

This week I have discovered that I am grateful for things I has been overlooking when I started Camp NaNoWriMo.
I am grateful for my train travel to work. 212 more words


Bunny First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit for your bunny is a great idea, and I recommend that you put one together!

When your bunny gets sick, there are some remedies you might try at home while you are trying to get in touch with your vet for an appointment.  613 more words

We Have a Nice Selection of Pellets...


Hop bunny left us yesterday, and just before his family arrived to pick him up, Hudson started thumping. I don’t know what set her off, but then Butters gave a sympathy thump and I tried to calm everyone down. 143 more words


Das Modell

We now have support for PLY format mesh files. Quite rudimentary support, though, but it’s enough to load the one and only Stanford Bunny and smooth its normals. Rejoice!

Ray Tracing

Deauty Box - July 2014

Hi all :)

My box came early this month. I already have it for a week and I thought, why not do the unboxing early ;) 493 more words