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Fabric items - Oct 23

Today saw several sewing machines brought into the hall, and a selection of bags made. Jan made some clothes-peg bags, copying a design of one she has been using; Jean made a pretty cotton drawstring bag for shoes or other objects; Sue Smith sewed some fabric bags in which to keep polythene bags and Roza made a couple of lovely little Christmas-fabric bags. 120 more words



BIRDS OR ELVES? My dear ladies and occasional gentleman THANK YOU for your kind interest in my entries for our ANNUAL VILLAGE AUTUMN SHOW.

In the FAIR TRADE ZINC FRAME is my ART TEXTILE entry of free-style hand stitching. 118 more words

A New 'Garden' Season!

Hi Friends!

Change is in the air in our Midwest garden! Our chilly nighttime temperatures, shorter daylight hours, and brilliant Autumn colors are poignant reminders that a… 1,034 more words


Ned Yost Bunts and Sometimes That's Okay

Since there were five full days between the time the Kansas City Royals won the American League pennant and the World Series began, baseball writers needed to fill space writing about something. 838 more words


I did DIY!

My “new” (nearly 2 month old) room is lovely and big but was looking like a big bare box. The solution? Bunting of course! After a hunt around on eBay I found a great seller that sells bunting in a range of lengths, colours and designs. 132 more words

October Guest Blogger - Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik

This months Guest Blogger has been my friend for many years. We have crafted, scrapbooked and had a community fair table together! I have always admired her amateur photos of the landscapes that she saw and events that she went to. 725 more words


Halloween Scrappy Banner

Tonight is my pumpkin carving party! I knew I wanted to make something new to decorate for tonight (and of course Halloween next week), but I was surprisingly uninspired. 327 more words

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