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So Much To Do

As the day goes

As time passes by

Our minutes are filled with things

Things we have to do

Things we must do

Heavy loads… 51 more words

Good morning everyone,

Parfois … il y a des évènements de notre passé … qui nous empêchent de vivre notre vie en toute liberté …

Je me libère …aujourd’hui … de ma culpabilité … taken from a friend’s page, (boutique mado) 78 more words

Stand Still

Watch the skies move above

crystal clear summer night

each star with a story

making connections

to a childhood,

an adulthood,

that should suffice our need. 84 more words


By the Little River

By the Little River,
We laid our burdens down.
All our heavy baggage,
Our sins, our tears, our frowns.

By the Little River,
We heard the seagulls cry, 56 more words


Imagination Trap

Voices are calling from behind me
sounds that I shall never forget
but they’re just an illusion
something existing only in my mind
I know if I turn and look I will find… 21 more words



The other morning after I had dropped my children off at school the thought crossed my mind that “sometimes it is quite a thankless job being a parent” 486 more words


Prayer: Venting to God

Do you ever wonder why venting to others always made you feel better? But then again, who can you truly trust? Who won’t judge you?

561 more words