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Nutritious & Detoxifying Burdock Root Soup

Happy Monday everyone! Mondays are always difficult, especially when it’s cold out and all you want to do is stay in your warm bed. One of the best ways to combat the chill of late autumn is to eat plenty of warming, nutritious soups. 450 more words


Foraging with Alice

Last Sunday I went foraging with Alice on the farm where I live. We were learning about roots, acorns and medicinal mushrooms.

We dug up burdock roots and we each tasted a little bit of the leaf, it was so bitter!!! 243 more words


Some days begin with bacon

My cancer survivorship program has been self-created through the years. I haven’t always eaten so well. Understanding the relevance of diet in our ability to thrive in the long-term is key. 335 more words


When candida or thrush is out of control...What natural options can we turn to?...

Candida is a yeast-like organism which infects warm damp areas such as the mouth, the intestines and the vagina. The candida thrives in an acidic environment and so a person needs to bring balance into their system as soon as possible. 246 more words