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Fox Friday: Scarlett Johannson

Whattya know..another beautiful Jewish woman. Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, Bar Rafeali, Mila Kunis, and ScarJo. Thats a starting 5 that can compete with any religion. Scarlett has those seductive eyes and that beautiful smile that just combine to create a complete fox. 46 more words

Girls- This is Why You're Not Hot

A recent friend  in the bloggosphere, Mackenzie Newcomb of SparklesandSecrets.com, wrote a post about the top ways guys can turn girls off. Not going to lie, I learned some things. 885 more words

Weird Cultural Story of the Day: Young woman who orgasms up to 50 times a day

Amanda Gryce, 24, explicated how her life has been menaced by an extremely rare condition that forces her to orgasm up to 50 times a day. 237 more words


James Franco Tried to Get His Burgah Through Instagram

James met this burgah at his broadway show. She took an instagram video of him, tagged him, and then James took matters into his own hands. 44 more words


UChicago Football Players Rate Decent-Looking High School Girl a 10 (Live on ESPNU)

Questionable at best. In our defense, she was the best three-point shooter in the country. That has to bump you up at least one or two.

Top 10 Ways to Start a Conversation With the Girl Next to You In Class

1) “Will you help me write a blog post about top 10 ways to start a conversation with the girl next to you in class?”  283 more words


A Burger eater worth mentioning: Giacomo Casanova

This young scholarly lad had a propensity to get burgers in dramatic fashion and had a keen interest in knowledge. This mush was so witty that he was matriculated at the University of Padua at 12 and graduated by age 17 with a degree in law, a profession to which he felt an ‘unconquerable aversion’ and had a masterly knowledge of moral philosophy, chemistry and mathematics and medicine. 392 more words