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Mexicali comes to Wilmington

We recently had a family gathering at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. A whole bunch of cousins!

I had the Mexicali Burger with pico de gallo, pickled jalapeƱos, pepper jack cheese & chipotle thousand island dressing. 127 more words


Beef & Liberty: Part Deux, The Return

Beef & Liberty’s classic special is an exquisite hamburger. A burger that has been cherished, and well groomed to be one of Hong Kong’s elite hamburgers; the care given to this burger radiates within one of its ringleaders, Neil Tomes – the proud executive chef who passionately articulates his burger and ingredients, who has remained vigilant tending to create a burger that has attained a certain burger beauty. 443 more words


Cafe Gray Deluxe

Cafe Gray Deluxe’s burger is an edible burger at most. The hamburger, unlike the location, doesn’t have much to offer in terms of a burger experience. 366 more words


The Butchers Club Burger

The Butchers Club burger is an exquisitely good hamburger. It is a hamburger that has received proper burger care and tenderness, that brings forth a wondrous experience that begins with the creation of a burger that manages to stand its ground. 457 more words


Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar

Liberty Exchange’s Wall Street Burger is a decent hamburger. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, no where near a street named Wall, how this burger got its name will, most likely, forever, in my heart, remain a mystery… 438 more words