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The Lot on Possession

The Lot’s Number 1 hamburger is a decent hamburger. The mid range burger manages to deliver a reasonable burger experience, a satisfactory burger satisfaction that has both good moments and somewhat adequate moments. 378 more words


The Diner

The Diner’s diner burger is a pretty unexceptionally edible hamburger. Unlikely to fulfill any such desires for that Americana burger dinner feel, the burger, lacks any form of excitement; in its burger taste balance in its burger construction in its menu listing, there isn’t much that this hamburger does to impress… on the other hand, the burger doesn’t reach the depths of an unsavory outrage. 334 more words


I ate the 227th "Triple Triple" at Jake's Wayback!

Jake’ Wayback serves a “Triple Triple” which is basically three triple cheeseburgers stuck together. Does that sound too much? Well, became the 227th person to order one at the Bel Air restaurant. 161 more words


Mexicali comes to Wilmington

We recently had a family gathering at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. A whole bunch of cousins!

I had the Mexicali Burger with pico de gallo, pickled jalapeƱos, pepper jack cheese & chipotle thousand island dressing. 127 more words


Beef & Liberty: Part Deux, The Return

Beef & Liberty’s classic special is an exquisite hamburger. A burger that has been cherished, and well groomed to be one of Hong Kong’s elite hamburgers; the care given to this burger radiates within one of its ringleaders, Neil Tomes – the proud executive chef who passionately articulates his burger and ingredients, who has remained vigilant tending to create a burger that has attained a certain burger beauty. 443 more words