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Meet Me at the Drive-In

Triangle Burger Drive-In is like eating burgers in a time machine! Complete with coca-cola collectibles, the restaurant is decorated from the inside out with 1950s influenced style. 199 more words

Take a Big Bite out of Big Boys

There is some serious burgermania going around the UK. BBQ and American-style burgers have taken the nation by storm and pop ups and food trucks are cropping up all over the place, even outside of the capital. 805 more words


Back Home Burger

Today I flew home from Toronto after a great Labour Day weekend following the class I was teaching.

I flew home on Air Canada. There are some things that I like about Air Canada and other things that I don’t like. 389 more words


Webers - High Holy of (Burger) Holies

Some folks believe in stuff. They even make religious pilgrimages.

Apparently I, a die-hard atheist, do as well.

My pilgrimage involves making a long drive across this expansive, rocky province called Ontario – searching the horizon for a charbroiled column of smoke. 364 more words

The selection-distortion effect: How selection changes correlations in surprising ways

A little while back I ran across an idea buried in an old paper of Robyn Dawes that really opened my eyes. It was one of those things that seemed really simple and straightforward once I saw it. 1,807 more words

Charlie's Grind & Grill

     On our way home from running errands the whole day, we decided to grab a quick bite. It so happened that we ended up in Barrio Kapitolyo Pasig, and like vagabonds who barely knew the places, my mom suddenly remembered Charlie’s Grind and Grill because it was featured in Kris TV before. 553 more words