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C-B Services, Canterbury, 2013

“C-B Services” burglar alarm, Canterbury • Very wonky indeed. • Spotted: Palace Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1, England, 2013 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Canterbury

Burglar Alarm

Acorn, Nottingham, 2011

“Acorn” burglar alarm, Nottingham • And now for some wonky ones. • Spotted: Friar Lane, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Nottingham South

Burglar Alarm

Dalson Alarms, Edinburgh, 2012

“Dalson Alarms” burglar alarm, Edinburgh • Now a brief revisit of the “precious” theme, starting with a big Scottish diamond. • Spotted: High Street, Edinburgh, EH1, Scotland, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Edinburgh East

Burglar Alarm

Securicor Granley, City of Westminster, 2012

“Securicor Granley” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • And finally, a top fave: this matchy-matchy maroon shop paint can’t disguise the proud raised logo of a tupperware box-shaped Securicor Granley. 27 more words

Burglar Alarm

Nameless peach-painted alarm, Chelsea, 2010

Nameless peach-painted burglar alarm, Kensington and Chelsea • What’s known in fine art as a “monochrome” – a bell box totally painted in tasteful if somewhat 1980s peach to match a posh Chelsea gaff.  18 more words

Burglar Alarm

Stand-Fast, Herne Bay, 2004

“Stand-Fast” burglar alarm, Herne Bay • Now for a few bell boxes that have suffered “artistic” paint jobs. This looks like someone painted a red Standfast green, then stuck another Standfast logo over it, then let the green peel off.  16 more words

Burglar Alarm

How to Best Create your Home Security System. Part 2: Controlling Your System

When it comes to home security these days it seems like there is a never ending list of different devices to add to your alarm system. 342 more words

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