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Most Common Burglar Alarm Myths Disproved

There are a lot of burglar alarm myths and stereotypes that people believe. Most of them came from opinions and perception without proof. If you are one of the numerous people who are under these common misconceptions and believe in those myths, this article will help you to understand why they are not true. 376 more words

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Arc Alarms, Coventry, 2013

“Arc Alarms” burglar alarm, Coventry • And finally in this long-running circle theme, an extended half circle, also known as an arch (or as they would have it, arc). 25 more words

Burglar Alarm

Miaren Systems, Cirencester, 2012

“Miaren Systems” burglar alarm, Cirencester • This is rather stylish, but it’s an odd name. Down to half a circle here, by the way. • Spotted: Park Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cotswolds

Burglar Alarm

Catchpoint, Bradford, 2014

“Catchpoint” burglar alarm, Bradford • Kind of like a detergent logo. • Spotted: Hustlergate, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1, England, 2014 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bradford West

Burglar Alarm

All Cooper, Stroud, 2012

“All Cooper Trust Is Everything” burglar alarm, Stroud • Philosophical! I don’t really understand the name “All Cooper”, though. • Spotted: London Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Stroud

Burglar Alarm

How I recovered my parents' house alarm installer code or "security is not always where you would expect..."

I’m not sure I can ‘disclose’ the alarm system manufacturer’s name but they sell their products all over the world (according to their website), by the way I can see them everywhere I go :-) 1,195 more words


Civic Alarms, Oxford, 2012

“Civic Alarms” burglar alarm, Oxford • There’s a similar logo on a “baton” alarm here• Spotted: Pembroke Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Oxford East

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