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Modern Pyramid: Death on the London Skyline

We use (some say waste) a lot of land for the burial of our dead.  This pyramid, proposed for London in the 19th century by Thomas Willson, would be one answer.   47 more words


Prayer for the Dead

  • It is recommended to delay burial for 24 hours after death if confirmed and to have time to notify as many people as possible to participate in such prayer.
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Technique of Bathing the Dead  

  • Clean tepid water is used to wash the head and all the body three times then ablution is performed in the same way described before. It is prophetic tradition to add few leaves of a  tree called “Zizyphus Spina Cristi “ to the last amount of water used for such bath.  
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Funeral Proceedings  

  • Visiting a sick muslim is mandatory at least once during any illness regardless of the diagnosis especially if the sick person is a neighbor. Our Prophet (pbuh) has specified the following rights of a muslim towards a friend: …
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A Temporary Tomb

What was it like for Joseph to handle the dead body of Jesus?  Luke says that he had been waiting for the Kingdom of God (verse 51, NIV).   301 more words

The Most Terrible Decision: Cremation or Burial

Warning: This article talks about the cremation and burial of infants. It is intended for those that are either faced with this terrible decision or are wondering whether the decision they have made is the right one.  986 more words

Grief Over Child Loss

Out of my sight

It is right for us to make so much of the finished work of Christ. It is no exaggeration to say that the death and resurrection was more profound than even the creation of this natural realm. 775 more words

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