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Britain right wing wants burqa ban

France has done it, citing its security, but putting emphasis on its existing secular laws as the reason for the ban of the Niqab or Burka (which is a veil used by Muslim women to cover their face entirely). 217 more words


'Utter insanity’: 'Bigger oppressor of women than the burka' discovered

look at the utter insanity of the hard left https://t.co/FuOboHjSRS

— jack tinker (@jacktink) September 17, 2014

Want to know what’s really oppressive?

I regard heterosexual marriage as a much more important feminist issue and bigger oppressor of women than the burka.

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Seriously, do Islamic schools take class photos? What's the point?

“Hey, see that eye slit, fourth from the left, middle row? Yeah, that’s me!”

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Something to consider. . .

There was a discussion on the dreaded Facebook yesterday about banning the wearing of the burka in the UK.  As many of you will know it has been banned in France already.  526 more words

Gender Conflicts

It was always a question for me, why religion, sex, male power and low acceptance vs. women are connected to each other so closely in many cultures… … 71 more words


Kids Say The Funniest Things....

Parenting is fun, sometimes!

When they start talking, they talk a lot. They say ‘NO’ for everything, that phase is then taken over by the phase of asking ‘why’ and subsequently they put you on a spot when they ask you questions about the birth, God and Santa Clause (or lack of a chimney in the house). 235 more words


My Response to the Campaign of Dr Taj Hargey to Ban the Burka in Britain

In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful


A Muslim Sisters’ Response to the Campaign of Dr Taj Hargey to Ban the Burka in Britain… 2,558 more words