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An Angry Muslim?

In Australia you are not permitted to enter a bank wearing a motorcycle helmet. I have wondered
what does a Muslim woman in a burqa do if she needs to go into a bank? 73 more words

Niqab (Face Cover/Veil) Debate

The following is a 10 minute video debate based on the Niqab (Face cover/veil). Two women both present their arguments about the banning of the niqab as well as raising some important points. 37 more words


'Kandahar' Life in Afghanistan Under the Taliban, A Film

This was the film I saw last Sunday.  A film by an Iranian director, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, who tells the story of life under the Taliban in the neighboring country of Afghanistan. 212 more words

Misconceptions About Women: Clothes

I watched a video on youtube where a guy said all women who dress in skimpy clothing are insecure….and that a woman doesn’t have to dress in short clothing to prove she is sexy or beautiful, she can do that with more clothes on. 530 more words

Self Love

Edwin Kagin Songs

Yesterday I posted about the passing of Edwin Kagin founder of Camp Quest and National Legal Director of American Atheists. He also wrote some words to some familiar tunes. 308 more words


Education!! Not Separation!! A discussion about women rights.

A few days ago in Facebook I wrote in my own point of view on the issue of setting up “ladies coaches” on trains, it aroused a lot of discussions and comments, but obviously my Muslim friends were not happy about my criticism on this matter, and even impose some personal attacks on me! 1,024 more words

Travel Mind

Charm me sweetly with Ignorance


We are Prisoners of our own minds.

We are enslaved by what we believe.

“There is no darkness but ignorance”

Photographs broaden our imagination, they inevitably tell stories and our minds try to captivate the plot by delving into signified meanings and not the blatant.

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