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Paul Nuttall. Question time

Here is a man who said in 2010 that he wants to ban the Burka.

As a Roman Catholic, he should be familiar with images of the Virgin Mary or nuns – almost inevitably wearing a version of the veil. 147 more words


January 22, 2015: Unexpected Reaction

I don’t know if it’s a by-product of age, or being at peace with Christ, but it is unusual for me to have feelings of panic and anxiety.   622 more words

On Banning Religious Attire

A while ago, I made a post about variety of practice and religious head coverings. To summarize what I covered there, in countries with secular governments like the US, people are generally free to practice their religion to whatever extent they feel is best, and in whatever way they feel is the correct way to practice it, so long as they don’t infringe on other people’s rights. 1,090 more words


Maine Burqa:

Je suis Juive.

Je suis Charlie. 11 more words

Generally Separate

When people get into a fight, there is often a cry to separate, to step back, provide both parties to stop and reflect upon their actions.  1,003 more words



This post has been in my drafts ever since I got back from Dubai which was absolutely ages ago but you know what they say about the posts in your drafts… yeah that’s right no one says anything about them I’m just really lazy and I never got around to completing it and by ‘completing’ I mean writing anything beyond the title. 330 more words