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Why can't women wear what they want?

The wearing of head coverings and veils by women of the Islamic faith has been a political issue in Australia this year, literally a material manifestation of fear, racism and right wing politics that unfairly targets women. 488 more words

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If it's legal, is it ethical?

Different countries – different cultures and each of them tries to keep its individuality and cultural values. But what about immigrants? They also have their own cultures and traditions which in most cases are different from the hosts’ countries. 386 more words

"You shall not pass"

Section 128 seems in stalemate

“I don’t have anything else” Vernon insisted defensively.

“Then you will have to get someone to change it for you.” 531 more words

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Burka backflip: Muslims will have to lift veil for checks

Central QLD paper The Morning Bulletin reports:


“MUSLIM women who cover their faces will be forced to ‘temporarily remove any coverings’ so they can be properly identified by security staff in Parliament. 171 more words


Opinion Pointless

I’m sorry for doing this to most of you, but there are a few people out there that I think need to hear this.

Every day I scroll through social media sites and see comments that are so hateful without reason. 153 more words


Hoodies, Hats, and Headscarves

Americans are suspicious of people who cover their heads.  Unless that person happens to be Tiger Woods and the covering is one of his famous baseball caps, or maybe a 90-year-old lady dolled up for a meeting of the Red Hats.   817 more words