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The hurly-BURLy

It is with abject horror that I approach this season. My ears quail in anticipation; my brain quivers: it’s time for Christmas Shopping Music. By all the gods and fates and muses, even the culture that spawned reality stars doesn’t deserve this! 256 more words


"Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives - Throwback Thursday

This song is chosen today to be featured on the Bo Hudson show for Throwback Thursday.

Yes, it is a childhood favorite for most everyone who likes the song Holly Jolly Christmas, sung by the stout, jolly man called Burl Ives. 167 more words


Holly THIS, Frosty...

Can someone please explain to me why the diddly-dad-gum rackum smackum not by the hair of a billy goat’s chinny chin chin am I singing Christmas music inside my head on November the 3rd? 426 more words


MUSIC BREAK: Ghost Riders In the Sky

Yippy ya yeah, yippy ya yo…!

Sung by the great Burl Ives: “This is the first recording ever of this famous song in February 1949. Vaughn Monroe’s big baritone and orchestra version became a number one hit a month later, but it’s great to listen to Burl sing this much simpler version, just his clear tenor voice and strumming on a single instrument, probably a banjo.”

–Matthew Hubdard, You Tube



The Big Country (1958)

Film review of the Hollywood western The Big Country, starring Gregory Peck and Jean Simmons.

Director: William Wyler. MGM.

WESTERN 1,408 more words


Better an Oops Than a What If

Anyone who knows me knows I love Disney. Anyone who knows me even better knows I listen to Disney Radio more than any other Pandora station. 461 more words

Sixteen Tons

Você Sabia?…


Que quando a Capitol, pediu que Merle Travis gravasse um disco para tirar proveito da onda da música folk americana, ele reclamara que Burl Ives teria gravado todas as músicas do gênero? 184 more words