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All In Four Years

This is a piece I wrote for my TEDx uOttawa talk in November 2013. You can watch the video here.

All in four years.
Imagine an education structure that fosters community, vulnerability and growth from striving off our desires and passions. 2,522 more words

It’s a beautiful warm sunny day today. The kind of day that makes you want to play hookey and just spend your day in blissful aimlessness. 421 more words

Special Needs

Day 27 - Back to Core and Relief

I am going to be out of town on Tuesday, the day that I’ll be wrapping up Asylum Volume 1, so I doubled up my workouts today to finish the program a day early. 86 more words

Hunker down (v): to take shelter, literally or figuratively

I’d love to be able to report that I am much better; brimming with health and vitality.

Alas, no.  Life is still the same as it was in my last post.   474 more words

Work/Life Balance

Redirect: When the Thrill is Gone

When the Thrill is Gone

The thrill is gone. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, get a divorce from this ridiculous passion, call it quits on a marriage no one but you ever thought was going to amount to anything.

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Join our annual international summer seminar!

We invite you to our 4-day annual international summer seminar in picturesque Korfos, Greece where you will have the opportunity to experience spiritual living in action, surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth, balance and group spirit, while enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the Greek sea and landscape. 286 more words

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Isa (Standstill)

Stand still

Let the icy winds of Winter

Blow right through

Till you are clear

And crystalline.


Dispassionately allow death

To silence

Your least… 48 more words