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Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

I have been writing about the challenges of online dating since January.  It’s unbelievable how involved the process is.  I bounce back and forth between “I will be single forever” to “I just need to be patient.”  From needy to aloof and jaded. 108 more words


The little black cloud of research ennui has returned

The third year of a Clinical PhD is synonymous with duck feet paddling furiously under the water, juggling balls rolling out of one’s reach and the relationship between student and thesis reflecting that of passing ships in the night. 555 more words

Clinical Phd

The Give It A Rest Diet Plan

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been pushing myself. This is good because you never know what you can accomplish unless you push yourself. But this also is a double edged sword for me because I tend to get burned out fast. 879 more words



A lot of people I know claim they’re their family’s breadwinner but every pay day they’re always out of town, or have the latest gadgets or bought something new and expensive. 782 more words

Burn Out

8 ways to stay afloat when daily life is drowning you

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  -Nelson Mandela.

Lately, as you might have noticed, I have been posting a bit irregularly. This happened because it seems that I am in a spot right now in which life throws a bunch of challenges my way that take up all my time and energy.

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Anatomia dezgustului (fragment)

“Lucrează la un raport întinsă pe pat, cu lumina închisă, soţul doarme, ca de obicei, neîntors. Raportul privind îmbunătăţirea indicatorilor pe luna trecută constituie un stres destul de mare, cu atît mai mult cu cît ultimele statistici nu au fost deloc îmbucurătoare. 494 more words