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I'm good, thanks - D&D 5E and the increasing difficulty of finding your niche

What you should listen to during this post: Berserk – Forces

So, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, eh? That seems to be something people are talking about. 824 more words


Rafferty, Book One, Chapters 1-9

Chapter 1

The Apt Pupil

The King and Queen convert to a new faith and now Sorcery is illegal.
Enter Rafferty, a 16 year old boy with the morals of an alley cat and the sorcerous ability to call fire. 485 more words

Burning Wheel

Swordlords into the Rivermark, Wyrdmark, Daggermark and Eastmark

Rachel, Drew and I are playing a Burning Wheel campaign inspired by the Kingmaker Adventure path. I was just thinking about the other posses who have ventured out into the Stolen Lands and thanks to… 313 more words

Burning Wheel

#RPGaDAY 31: Wildburry, Cape Suzette, and Perach

While the rules are not necessarily the game (especially since many game systems are used in more than one RPG), I’m gonna say that “best RPG” has been covered in one way or another by days 6, 12, 18, 20, 21, and 25. 1,398 more words


RPG a Day - Day 24: Most Complicated RPG Owned

Day 24 of #RPGaDAY.

Most Complicated RPG Owned

Yeah, there’s only one possible answer to this…

At its core, there’s a moderately straightforward dice pool system.   182 more words

#RPGaDAY 18: Over the Edge

I’m an RPG hacker, tinkerer, and designer. Most RPG systems have at least some appeal to me, and tons of systems have bits of them that are my favorite implementation of that bit. 1,067 more words