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Dwarves in Eden - Trouble in Paradise

After a nearly 2-year hiatus, my group has finally returned to our Dwarves in Eden campaign. We brought in a new player and one of our other semi-regular players decided to burn up a new character as well. 903 more words


Flat Game Diagnostic Tools

When  a game was flat, there are questions that I ask to try to diagnose what went wrong. Essentially, I look at the tools the game gives us to make the game hum right along and shift from third to fourth and fifth gears and consider how they were used. 172 more words

Burning Wheel

What’s the Big Picture? What’s going on in this setting that makes it ripe for adventure. What’s changing, evolving, declining?


Emperor Diusennius IV is dead. After 35 years of war, and instability for the land, Rome teeters on an edge of falling into complete darkness, or raising from the ashes to its former self. 553 more words

Tangent: How Many Skills Are Too Many Skills?

So something that has been on my mind lately as I’ve been brainstorming a new RPG (Inspired by the freeform skill/flaw choices in Eric Nieudan’s amazing White Books… 837 more words