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Living The Dream

I hate the way it feels to not be in control of a situation. I am a planner. I like to think of the possible outcomes and have a vague outline ready for each of them, just in case. 1,060 more words


What Do You Like Best About Working for Yourself? What Do You Like Least

19 months into solopreneurship, here’s what I like best:

  1. Fun – I get to learn and try out new things.
  2. Integrity – My values and beliefs shape my work.
  3. 228 more words

11 scary statistics about stress and what to do about it

I came across this infographic made by Officevibe and I suggest that you take a look at it.

This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the… 19 more words

Hercules Academy

My Blonde Brain ::2:: : What to do what to do...

As I left off with in my last post, there is hope for my battered brain. Which is good, because after researching and confirming the little I… 394 more words

A Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

Hi All,

Most of the work I do with clients individually and in groups involves making a change of some sort. Doing something differently. Doing something for the first time. 823 more words


Destroy The 40-Hour Workweek

Courtesy of Frugling.org:

Our American economy needs you to work nothing less than 40 hours per week. The message is simple: earn more, collect belongings, and don’t stop until you retire/die. 867 more words


At Long Last

It’s been a while.

I burned out. I was trying to stretch myself into too many directions at once, and I just… became exhausted. Added to that is the mental and emotional strain of thinking my efforts were worthless, because I’m talented so I should obviously be doing so much better than I already am. 112 more words