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After the 70 days, part 26: "... anything other then sex and he’s a douche. But sometimes, that’s all I want."

After 1,5 miles of telling myself I could do it, my legs stopped. Not because of pain or a lack of energy, but because I fell apart emotionally. 617 more words


The path of least resistance; and "Why the moth dreamt herself human"

By B. Corp.

Past the middlepoint of NaNo, and it’s high time for any number of phenomena to happen that I’d loosely clump as “burnout”; but I want those 50K words down by the end of the month, so I’m not letting some burnout stand in my way. 913 more words

Writing Struggles

Making the Best of It - Thanksgiving Edition

After wickedly overbooking myself this week and working overtime, I am exhausted. Too much doing, not enough sleeping. Ask anyone who knows me, I don’t do well with sleep deprivation. 207 more words

How To

How healthy are you?

This week I went to a training morning as part of my role as a CPSW (school chaplain).
The morning was called “Restoring balance, avoiding compassion fatigue” 417 more words


All's well...

“All’s well that end well.” - Shakespeare
It may have broken ground at the time. I couldn’t say. I can say this: for a long time now, people have known instinctively to appreciate a happy ending. 48 more words


The Lessons of a Fallen Leader

Mike Johnston (PLM) / 14 SEP 2014 – Seems like every few months we hear a story about yet another spiritual leader caught in sexual sin. 1,505 more words


Release Day for BURNOUT (Jack 'Em Up Prequel) by Shauna Allen

Burnout by Shauna Allen
(a Jack ‘Em Up Prequel)
Releases: Nov 21st 2014

The Temptation of First Love…

Blake Travers is a lot of things—rebel, grease monkey, tortured poor boy with a painful past. 270 more words