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What to Look for in Used Police Cars!

When you think of police cars, the Ford Crown Victoria comes to mind.  For those of you older than that 30-year span of the Ford Crown Vic, you might remember the Chevy Caprice 9C1, the legendary AMC Javelin Alabama State Patrol cars, the Dodge Monaco, and countless others.   1,024 more words

Car Culture

Why Blog?

When I tell people I’m a social worker for CPS, child protective services, I generally get some pretty negative responses. “Why?” “That doesn’t pay well” and “Ohhh that must be so hard.” Now these aren’t necessarily wrong responses and if I am being honest I probably have these thoughts every day. 511 more words

Child Abuse

Erschöpfung – zurück zur Lebensfreude



Das moderne urbane Leben – Beruf, Familie und Freizeitgestaltung verlangen uns mit Ihren vielfältigen Herausforderungen einiges ab. Lernen Sie in diesem Workshop mit der Hilfe von Erzengel Gabriel Ihre ganz eigene Kraft kennen. 7 more words




Once you have completed this blog post, you will have an overview of ways to:

  • Identify lifestyle stressors that could contribute to job burnout…
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BURNOUT is now available on Nook!

Happy September!  For my Nook fans that means my fifth book, BURNOUT is now available for their ereader.  

Here is the link:  BURNOUT on NOOK! 34 more words

Mystery Writing

The Beep

The universe keeps nudging me to get out of bed an write. Good ol’ universe. I can always count on her. ;)

Often I can ignore her. 352 more words


Chapter 21: Rain


Mach nodded and her visor shifted again; a monochrome filter came over her eyes. She scanned the doors of the warehouse and found a pool of greenish blue near the main exit. 1,226 more words

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