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Cut the Wire

I am screwed.

I have worked with anything that uses electricity, passes some form of information, broadcasts radio and microwaves (Not ovens). These magic boxes of various shapes and sizes push and pull 1’s and 0’s back and forth like mindless ants. 304 more words

Erste Runde – Die Vorauswahlsichtungen haben begonnen

…und sind jetzt erstmal wieder vorbei – UFF!

oder: warum ich letzten Monat keine Zeit hatte, etwas zu posten und statt dessen DVDs geschaut habe oder im Kino war.. 139 more words


Keeping the "general" in your body happy

A healthy liver is not only crucial in detoxing our body and staying fit and healthy, it influences strongly our mood, enthusiasm and the joyfulness of being in there here-and-now. 595 more words


Oysters and such

When you’re general assignment, the world is your oyster, but that’s the problem: the world is your oyster.

The words of a former managing editor have stuck, as I’m facing the same journo problems, despite saying ‘peace out’ to the newsroom. 75 more words

Headlights of Life

Sometimes when I drive at night my sight is slightly distorted. I can see but I get distracted by the headlights of those coming toward me in the opposite direction. 250 more words

Chapter 35: The Sleeping Dragon

Sigurd examined George’s prone form carefully. He had removed the fang six hours ago now, and the hole had healed into a rather nice scar. He checked his pulse again, feeling the skin of his neck rhythmically press against his fingers. 2,065 more words

Rumor's Block

For the Joy of Teaching

“Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning” — Robert John Meehan

There are many times in a teacher’s life when she questions and asks herself why she is in the profession. 448 more words