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Angela Parker: From Sweater Sets to Signature Pieces

If the key to success in any task is practicing more than 10,000 hours, then it’s no wonder Angela Parker’s jewelry company Olive Yew has gone from a small hobby in her den to an international business in just three short years. 1,353 more words

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Overcoming burnout

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I remember very clearly a conversation that I had with my school’s former Headmaster. He asked me, “What do you think would surprise most people about teaching?” Without blinking an eye, I responded, “The level of energy it requires.” 1,906 more words


Facing a creative burnout?

Creators face burnouts. For writers, burnouts are a different kind of writer’s block — but both are nasty. I would know. After a few months of continuous writing, it looked like I couldn’t move beyond a few words. 284 more words


Drag Queen Burnout By Misty Eyez @TheEyesOfFl

When we hear things from various queens about having to get into drag multiple days in a row we didn’t realize they had burn out. Check out Misty Eyez’ take on it.

Komplexitätskrise - Verstecken nützt nichts

Carsten Schloter – der im Juli 2013 verstorbene CEO der Swisscom – hatte bereits 2009 davon gesprochen: “Wir gehen heute durch eine Komplexitätskrise. Wir können die Komplexität nicht mehr bewältigen. 873 more words


Something you have to understand about me and my increasing picky attitude towards video games.

It’s very simple. I’ve been doing this thing since 1991, and I had played video games for so long and logged so many hours, I have gotten to a point were video games are becoming the same old over and over again to me. 96 more words