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Christ died...once, for all

Christ was Israel’s “final” sin offering.
Christ suffered and died “once”…but Scriptures teach He died for “all”.

Let us examine closer.

In the beginning of Church Age the middle wall of partition was torn down between Jew and Gentile. 422 more words


There are centuries in this room, Mrs. Rolf...

Haunted house picture by Dan Curtis, of Dark Shadows and Kolchak The Night Stalker fame. It’s got a solid cast of character actors including Oliver Reed, Burgess Meredith, Bette Davis, and Karen Black. 65 more words


Altars of Earth and Stone

The day began with trumpets, distant and haunting. An army was coming. The morning sky turned dark as the clouds gathered, thick and threatening. Lighting split the sky. 1,812 more words

Book Promotion: Burnt Offerings by Michael Lister

Today’s book promotion comes from Michael Lister and his book called Burnt Offerings. If you like Thrillers, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile! 171 more words

Book Hostage

13 Days 'til Halloween, 2014: Burnt Offerings (1976)

Look, I didn’t sleep last night and I’m exhausted. I can’t write my usual novel today and I don’t have the energy to go on the hunt for something super special that no one’s ever heard of. 92 more words

Weird Horror

no one on board even knew

three wise seagulls
sunset meditations before dark
did they hear some celestial music?
who would save them in a world gone mad?
do we need nature when technology… 64 more words


Burnt Offerings

You were there in the flowers that I bought by the road
that I said I wouldn’t buy you
but I did

Your wool eyes frayed in sacred spools of booming silence… 72 more words