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Crypto Attacker Burp Plugin

I recently wrote a burp plugin for common crypto attacks in web apps. Check out the code on github (I also submitted to BApp store a couple days ago). 93 more words


One of my Brothers...

pulled up in front of his house, got out of his car and belched

- the neighbour about two houses down turned and waved and yelled, “Hi!” in return.


My 2-Week Guilt as a First Time Mom

My son E is nearly 1 month old, and as a First Time Mom this is supposed to be the most tiring, stressful, fulfilling and happy time of our lives. 645 more words


12) 入乡随俗 When in Rome

I’m becoming much more used to Chinese customs. When I first arrived everything felt so foreign to me. There are so many differences between America and China that at first it’s a bit overwhelming to live here. 678 more words

Farm Life

The female burper of North Street

Last night I was in my local off licence, Drinks 4U. This fairly typical budget booze outlet, run by a friendly Armenian is a handy little oasis of liver-challenging fluids and flammable dried leaves positioned opposite my favourite local, The Old Bookshop. 115 more words


A History of the Burp.

Modern man takes the burp for granted.  We stuff ourselves with pizza and root beer, casually let go with a moist detonation, and then go on our merry way as if nothing had happened.  573 more words


Web Application Testing - Parsing Directory and File Listing

During web application testing, it is useful to get the directory and file listing of the root of the web application that you are testing so as to ensure complete coverage of the application. 194 more words