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Put the Peddle to the Metal

Just when you think Facebook can’t become more annoying, it does1.  The political garbage from both sides of the lunatic fringe, the “repost this or this tiny innocent girl will be devoured by bears” nonsense, the Ink Master spoilers (and I’m still so damn furious about that – the spoilers and the outcome.  316 more words


Crypto Attacker Burp Plugin

I recently wrote a burp plugin for common crypto attacks in web apps. Check out the code on github (I also submitted to BApp store a couple days ago). 93 more words


One of my Brothers...

pulled up in front of his house, got out of his car and belched

- the neighbour about two houses down turned and waved and yelled, “Hi!” in return.


Access Rights Testing Using BURP


Any web application can have different levels of access permissions for various pages of the application. The levels of access rights / authorizations can be Admin users, End users, guest user’s etc., End users should not be able to access the administration pages and these access restrictions are usually implemented at JSP level. 731 more words


My 2-Week Guilt as a First Time Mom

My son E is nearly 1 month old, and as a First Time Mom this is supposed to be the most tiring, stressful, fulfilling and happy time of our lives. 645 more words