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A History of the Burp.

Modern man takes the burp for granted.  We stuff ourselves with pizza and root beer, casually let go with a moist detonation, and then go on our merry way as if nothing had happened.  573 more words


Web Application Testing - Parsing Directory and File Listing

During web application testing, it is useful to get the directory and file listing of the root of the web application that you are testing so as to ensure complete coverage of the application. 194 more words


A sound lunch at Burp (restaurant review)

If you’ve been following my food exploits (*cough* shameless plug *cough*), you’ll know that as much as I love food, I don’t have the voracious appetite required of a true blue foodie. 629 more words

How come a baby can’t burp without some help yet she doesn’t need any assistance farting to a degree that’s only been spoken of in fairy tales?

I’ve become kind of a ninja with those burp rags. Not in any kind of useful way, I just swing those babies around like nunchucks when I take them out of the dryer.

And a Hint of Chipotle

Ooh, so a there’s a burp, sharp with onion and celery.  That’s what I get, I guess, when I buy a chicken salad sandwich from a vending machine.   122 more words


Parenting Tip: Katy Perry Soothes the Crying Baby

OK parents, we’ve all been through this. Your baby is crying uncontrollably. What do you do?

Rock them, burp them, give them a bottle or pacifyer? 54 more words