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Working from inside out (60 days later)

The journey continues but like any other journey there are hitches that is what happened to me in my 30 days journey. There are no easy results but despite everything we’ve got to keep moving. 307 more words

Fittness And Beauty

Deload Tuesday - 9/30/14

1Team Training


A. Power Clean x 1/Hang Power Clean x 1 on the min for 6 mins @ 70-75% of 1 rm

6×2 done @ 145lbs (70.7%). 278 more words



Do 100 burpees before the day ends.  You can do this!!

SMAC Down Fitness

It Takes Time

Monday came and went without too much of a commotion for me.  I always dread it but it wasn’t too bad this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t fear it’s wrath so much and just embrace it.  621 more words

Tuesday 9-30-14

I should be there at both the morning and lunch sessions.

A.) (0745) 4 Rounds for reps.
Max unbroken Muscle ups
Max Bench Press, bodyweight… 43 more words

Burpee Day 30 September 2014


7min Max rep burpees

Today we are doing burpees for our UWS fund-raiser. As always, that won’t be all we are doing, so come and get some!


Sept. 30, 2014 - WIFEY

include 3 x 30sec HS hold against wall

PUSH PRESS: sets of 5 (til failure; sets of 3 til failure

SPLIT JERK: start with weight failed on last push press: 8 x 2


7 pull ups, 7 burpees

Wifey's Workouts